Eco: Update 9.7 Reworks the Housing System

Update 9.7
Update 9.7 Twitter/@StrangeLoopGame

The nature simulation game Eco received Update 9.7 not long ago. This patch implements some changes to the game’s housing system.

Updated Housing System

In Eco, you not only have the ability to build your own house but you can also put furniture and decorations as you see fit. That said, the developers have added two new furniture categories in Update 9.7.

The first category is called Primary Furniture or furniture that you can only use on specific room types, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The second category, Support Furniture, refers to things that you can place inside any room. This is further split into three sub-categories: seating, decoration, and lighting.

Why is it important to know about these things? Well, these two main furniture categories affect the calculation of housing points in Eco. More specifically, the housing points that you get from Support Furniture is based on a specific percentage of the Primary Furniture you’ve placed in a certain room. Support Furniture under the “seating” and “decoration” categories is set at 50% of that value, while those under the “lighting” category are at 30%.

The main purpose of this rework is to let you be more creative when decorating your home without cramming so much unnecessary stuff. This rework also sets the foundation for a new system called “Culture” coming to Eco soon.


  • Added: Glassworks table, created by a potter in the kiln for use by Glassworking.
  • Added: Vases with a housing point value of 1.
  • Added: Cotton Lint, a new item added to the production chain of cotton thread.
  • Added: Copper Plates, made by Mechanics using the Screw Press, similar to Iron Plates.
  • Changed: Wooden Fabric Bed housing points increased from 3 to 4.
  • Changed: Hewn Nightstand housing points increased from 1,5 to 2,5.
  • Changed: Hewn Dresser housing points increased from 0,5 to 1.
  • Changed: Lumber Dressers housing points increased from 1,5 to 3.
  • Changed: Diminishing return of all dressers decreased from 0,6 to 0,5. (The value of the diminishing return decreasing means the diminishing returns are effectively higher)
  • Changed: Cast Iron Bed housing points increased from 3 to 4.
  • Changed: Cast Iron Royal Bed housing points increased from 3,5 to 4,5.
  • Changed: Nylon Futon Bed housing points increased from 4 to 5.
  • Changed: Bookshelves are now considered an object for the living room.
  • Vehicle modules now have durability that is used on tile interactions. The durability for them is 2.500 and they are repaired by using iron. Currently affected modules are Steam Tractor Sower, Steam Tractor Harvester, and Steam Tractor Plow.

Eco Update 9.7 is available on PC.

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