Updates Planned for Maps Rotation in Ranked PUBG: Battlegrounds

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The development team at PUBG: Battlegrounds announced that changes are being made to the Ranked maps lineup. In particular, the map rotation is set to include all the 8x8 maps with the focus on four maps featured in the competitive scene. However, the probability of each map appearing won't be the same. All of these changes are going to be implemented with Update 28.1 which comes out this February.

Erangel & Miramar

There's no question that Erangel and Miramar are the two maps that a lot of players love. According to the studio, these two have the lowest dropout rates so there's no question that they serve as the heart of the game. As a result, these two fan-favorites continue to have a prominent place in the map rotation. These two are going to take up 25% probability each.

Taego & Vikendi

The Taego and Vikendi maps meanwhile are going to have 20% probability each in the rotation. This is because the two maps offer unique synergy wherein they're enjoyed by those playing in them as well as the fans watching the battle. This is good news especially for those who love Vikendi. This map has long been popular in Normal Matches but absent in Ranked games. The permanent addition of Vikendi to Ranked rotation should be a happy change for a lot of people.

Deston & Rondo

Deston or Rondo maps are going to present on a seasonal cycle, which happens every two months. To give players a chance to try these out, they'll have a 10% probability of appearing. The studio did say that there's no plan yet to introduce these maps to the esports scene. The Rondo map for example is still getting fine-tuned and getting updates.

The Need for Change

As a quick recap, the probability selections are:

  • Erangel (25%)
  • Miramar (25%)
  • Taego (20%)
  • Vikendi (20%)
  • Deston or Rondo (10%)

In a post, the studio shared that the reason for these probability selections is that they wanted to balance what the players love with what is needed to ensure that the game remains dynamic and engaging. The studio went on to say that while they always want to introduce new experience, it's also important to "respect the legacy and preferences" that have shaped the community. Overall, the goal is to strengthen the bond in the matches that players love to watch and those they want to play.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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