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E3 2020
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E3 2020 is just a few months away and a recent leak has surfaced the internet confirming all the attendees that will be participating in the grand event. The E3 2020 website is scheduled to launch tomorrow, but a Resetera forum member found a link directing toward the official E3 2020 website along with all the details.

Many publishers and studios have already stated that they have been planning to appear at E3 2020. However, some other popular companies like Sony and Nintendo will once again skip the show.

Here are all the publishers that are expected to attend E3 2020.

E3 2020 Attendance
E3 2020 Attendance Resetera

Although Microsoft is missing from the list, the Head of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, actually confirmed back in January via a tweet that the company will be attending E3 2020.

Microsoft has been on a constant roll with the next generation of the Xbox, cloud game streaming service Project xCloud, Xbox Game Pass, having a player-centric vision, and ending the console wars.

Many other publishers and developers have chosen to showcase their creations directly to fans, rather than participating in E3. Part of this is because E3 is quite expensive to attend. Additionally, gamers nowadays are constantly filled into news via leaks, betas, endless trailers, and early access.

After what happened last year, the organizing body behind E3, the ESA, was found to have leaked personal information of 2,000 industry professionals, including addresses and phone numbers. This might cause a bit of concern for those who are thinking about attending the event this year.

Now, the current leak doesn't seem to be of a similar level as the official E3 2020 website itself is going live tomorrow. However, it also slightly suggests the ESA is still isn't functioning optimally from preserving important details.

E3 2020 is scheduled to take place from June 9 to June 11 in Los Angeles.

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