Dysmantle: Underworld DLC Now Live; Update 24 Adds Builder's Isle and More

Underworld DLC
Underworld DLC Steam

Dysmantle: Underworld is now available on all platforms. This DLC will have players embark on a new journey into the world beyond, complete with new quests and new dangers for them to face. The Underworld DLC originally costs $8.99, but it is currently being offered at a discounted price of $8.09.

Aside from the new DLC, the developers also launched Update 24. This patch introduces the Builder’s Isle or Tabula Rasa - a mysterious island found north of the Evac Site. Players who visit this place will be given a quest that walks them through the new build features. What’s more, those who purchase the Underworld DLC can unlock special buildables not found in the base game.

Upon completion of the quest, players will be able to construct a Home Portal that quickly takes them to Builder’s Isle/Tabula Rasa and back with ease.

In addition, one of the main points of Update 24 is about building new things. So, the dev team greatly increased the build limit, giving players plenty of room to place objects.

Here are the other features implemented in Update 24:

  • New building-related inventions and objects, unlocked after Builder's Isle progression.
  • Added "Wrench" as a tool to fill the gap between Baseball Bat and Sledgehammer.
  • Built object names are now shown on the map.
  • Added quick key access for Builder's Kit.
  • Now remembering your previously selected buildable between sessions.
  • Delete function for "Builder's Kit."
  • All headgear besides gas masks are now upgradable.
  • Showing the map sector (like K23) in a big map for the cursor location.
  • UI navigation now works with any bound movement keys.
  • Large metal objects now drop additional scrap metal when destroyed.
  • Changed around "Combat" side of the invention tree to accommodate Wrench and shuffled some trinkets around.
  • Buffed the build limit modifier on all "Builder's Kit" upgrade levels and on food recipes giving build limit.
  • Quests now visible in build mode.
  • Fisher skill now gives better fishing speed bonuses early on and rewards more XP for fishing.
  • Tweaks to temperatures in areas with extreme temperatures.
  • Nerfed items and food recipes giving enemy aggro range decrease so that maximum cap is now at most 70%
  • Buffed the "Riot Shield" damage, shield hp, and knockback distance.
  • Rare crash related to entering the pause menu.
  • Destroyed built objects are now instantly updated on the big map.
  • Usual open world glitch & terrain fixes.
  • The survivor does not fall through built structures anymore when throwing knives.
  • Fixed showing of negative numbers for item uses, now capped at 0.
  • Inner "Fortress" doors can now be destroyed only after outer doors have been opened.
  • Link tower achievement had an incorrect number of link towers associated with it.

Dysmantle: Underworld is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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