Dysmantle: Players Can Now Build Inner Walls in Update 25

Underworld DLC
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Update 25 for Dysmantle was released not long ago. This patch brought new additions, including the ability for players to add inner walls to their homes.

The Inner Walls buildable pack contains things that allow players to add divisions inside their humble abodes, including a wall, doorway, and pillar. Besides that, some optimizations have been implemented so that the building UI loads faster.

Another thing added in Update 25 is the Home Portal Long Range Recipe. The Home Portal introduced in the Dysmantle: Underworld DLC lets players get to Tabula Rasa and back with ease, but it can only be used on the main island. With the upgrade, players can now use the Home Portal in more places.

This patch also made significant changes to the Underworld DLC, with some addressing issues raised by the community. Here are some of them:

  • One small location and POI to Sunburn Desert
  • DLC
    • New locations and new structures with new POIs.
    • New quests.
    • Mana Spirits have introduction screens the first time a player meets them.
    • Added a storage box to catacombs.
    • New trinket, "Thimble."
  • You can't open timed crates after traveling through the home portal (until you camp or die).
  • Buildable selection screen shows up faster and consumes less memory.
  • DLC
    • Extensive map terrain restructuring in various places.
    • The DLC now has three link tower areas instead of one.
    • Normal attacks now damage mana-enhanced enemies a little even though there are crystals left.
    • Power attacks and explosives now destroy all of the crystals a mana-enhanced enemy has.
    • Mana Chambers only requires materials once.
    • Mana chambers now raise the dead inside their radius (not bosses though).
    • Mana crystals no longer drop mana chunks.
    • "Spirit Trouble" now needs only 4 spirits killed.
  • Multiple terrain fixes in both DLC and Island.
  • "Construction Work" now accepts all kinds of doors.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would turn invisible at a campfire after using a bed.
  • Prevented saving while materials "are flying" to fix a material duplication bug.
  • Teleporter getting stuck.
  • Save backups now also work in release developer mode (for modders).
  • It is now possible to take materials from built storage boxes.
  • Fix to main quest showing up weird in the quest tab after completion.
  • No longer possible to build a new door on a door frame that already has an existing door.
  • Myth tablets now work even when the primary coop player is dead.
  • Player does not get stuck to buildables in cutscene mode anymore.

Dysmantle Update 25 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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