DYSMANTLE: Doomsday DLC Will Have Players Explore a New Challenging Open-World Map

Doomsday DLC/Update 26
Doomsday DLC/Update 26 Steam

There hasn't been a content update for the post-apocalyptic survival game DYSMANTLE in quite some time. Fortunately, that has changed as developers released the new Doomsday DLC just recently, now available on Steam.


In the Doomsday DLC, players will explore a new challenging open-world map to uncover the secrets behind the disaster at the Three Sisters Research Complex.

Things are not going to be easy because aside from complex puzzles, players must also vanquish new mechanical and biological horrors lurking in the archipelago.

To help them combat these threats, new tools, wearables, and trinkets have been added. And oh, the DLC includes 16 new delicious recipes to keep players satiated and buffed up as well!

DYSMANTLE Doomsday DLC is originally sold for $8.99, but it’s currently being offered at a discounted price of $8.09.

Doomsday DLC/Update 26
Doomsday DLC/Update 26 Steam

Free Patch

Everybody is going to be happy with DYSMANTLE, even those who will not purchase the new DLC. Update 26 adds lots of things to the game for free, including a new endgame area, new craftable items, and quality-of-life features.

Here are some of the notable stuff in Update 26:

  • New end game area and a related quest at Crown. After reaching escape pod at Crown, return to the area with "helipad."
  • New game+ for those who reach the Ark level 3.
  • Surreal door can be opened.
  • Paint Brush tool can be used to color walls and built objects.
  • Rubber Duck trinket that stops you from drowning by teleporting you back to shore.
  • Fast travel map highlights current player location.
  • New Save Game backup system. Save is backed up each time you're saving so you shouldn't lose any progress in case something awful happens.
  • Using compressed textures with 2x resolution (but less memory consumed) on Windows.
  • Map marker is now shown on the ground and disabled when the protagonist walks over it.
  • Area ascension level is shown in the map and in the Collections Screen.
  • Death count is now shown in the Collections Screen under "Total Progress."
  • Gamepad icon set art can now be selected (xbox, ps, switch) in controls options.
  • Long range teleporter doesn't work in tombs anymore.
  • Fishing spots are now discovered from farther away.
  • Enemy position & pathing changes in multiple base game areas.
  • Upgradable gear list is now sorted, fully completed items are on the bottom and the ones you can upgrade are on the top.
  • Reworked the left branches of the invention tree and repositioned everything to else to fit better.
  • Minimap now stays centered on the player no matter what.
  • (Base game and DLC1) Fixed pathing issues, floating objects, graphical glitches.
  • Fixed fast traveling from campfire to same area link tower.
  • Fixed Collections showing wrong text in Audio Logs.
  • Crown link tower area changed as it covered few wrong areas.

DYSMANTLE Update 26 is now available on PC.

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