Dying Light Update 1.49: New Weapon, Enhanced Base Game, and Balancing Changes

Dying Light Update 1.49:
Dying Light Update 1.49: Steam

Dying Light just received the final Hellraid update that added the only weapon to be introduced in this DLC. It also made some changes to the prices in Hellraid and gave the enhanced version of the game for free. Players who own the base version of Dying Light get The Following expansion, Bozak Horde DLC mode, Cuisine and Cargo DLC content, Ultimate Survivor bundle that includes weapons and outfits, and Crash Test skin bundle.

New Weapon

This update introduces a new shotgun called the Deathbringer, which is part of the Hellraid DLC. To acquire this unique weapon, players must complete the Loaded for the Undead bounty available at Hellraid Rank 10. Upon completion, head to the shop to purchase the Deathbringer Blueprint.

Economy Changes

Purchasing weapons can be quite difficult in Dying Light because of limited resources, especially in Hard Mode. The developers heard the complaints and have halved the price of the weapons in the Hellraid shop. This should make it easier for players to purchase more weapons without worrying too much about resources.

Dying Light Update 1.49

  • [Lobby] The Story Mode (Blue) portal is now closer to the center of the Lobby (opposite of Raid Mode (Red) portal)
  • [Armory] The entirely reworked Armory now includes all Hellraid Weapons and Items
  • [Armory] Added Inspect Weapon on item showcases, which displays the weapon’s story of origin
  • [Tower] New environmental hazards can be found on all floors of the Tower (Spikes, Explosive Barrels)
  • [Tower] Added visual indication that Shrine requires sacrifice to unlock (killing all enemies in the area)
Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous
  • Fixed multiple Z-fighting issues on the map
  • Fixed objects clipping issues, lightning artifacts, floating objects, etc.
  • Fixed Lord Asmorod’s audio and animation cutting off too soon
  • Fixed rare blockers in Story and Raid Mode
  • Fixed instances where players could parkour around blocked areas in the Mysterious Portals quest
  • Fixed minor issues with the minimap
  • Fixed cases where some enemies were missing in Raid Mode
  • Players now need to pick up Bow Arrows from the ground (no longer having the ability to perform an automatic pick up)
  • Other minor bug fixes for Single Player and Co-Op

You can read more about the update here.

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