Dying Light 2 Blood Ties DLC and Update 1.7.2 Live

Square Enix will be bringing in Dying Light 2 to its E3 presentation stage.
Square Enix will be bringing in Dying Light 2 to its E3 presentation stage. Techland

The developer of Dying Light 2 Stay Human had promised previously that there will be two expansions. The first one is just less than 24 hours away. Blood Ties DLC will go live tomorrow bringing a new location, story, and more. You can purchase it for only $9.99.

Bloody Ties DLC

  • Discover a New Location — venture to Carnage Hall, the epicenter of splendor, death, fame, barbarity, fortune, and bloodshed. The place where the greatest fighters battle for glory!
  • Experience a New Narrative – secure a spot in the Pantheon of the best fighters, and make tough choices as the plot for power and revenge reaches its tipping point.
  • Behold… the Carnage Manica! — tap into the power barricade that is the Carnage Manica and take hold of new weapons to make creative combat that much more creative.
  • Fight the Freaks — face off against hordes of new Infected like the towering Gorilla Demolisher, fire-spewing Inferno, and many others!

Game Update

One of the biggest criticisms of Dying Light 2 was that the night wasn’t threatening enough. Well, the developer has listened, so the night is now much darker than before. Players can now preview their outfits too. Running in PK ship HUB is allowed, and throwable items now have a trajectory. More fixes and improvements are mentioned below.

Gameplay Updates
  • Fixed an issue with the achievements not being granted to the players upon completion
  • Players will no longer be able to travel outside the playable area in Let’s Waltz quest
  • Waltz in Let’s Waltz quest will no longer be idle
  • You can no longer get stuck in a car during the Let’s Waltz quest
  • During the Let’s Waltz quest, toxic chemicals will reduce the player’s infection as usual
  • Fixed an issue where UV Safezone in Main Terminal Station was not fully functional
  • Hakon won’t fall asleep on the mattress in the Getting Stronger quest, allowing players to progress with the quest
  • The toxic area near Downtown and The Wharf will deal damage again
  • Howler’s alert indicator will be shown correctly
  • The death screen will be shown correctly when defeated in the Challenge
  • Collectibles from Chapter 2 will not count toward the achievements
  • Fixed an issue where the grappling hook was unavailable during Hooked on the Thrill Challenge, and Nightrunner Trial 3
  • Multiple Challenges got fixed objective count and timers
  • The Wharf water tower will be correctly assigned to Peacekeepers upon the player’s decision
  • Virals will hear better, reacting to various sounds with more intensity
  • Fixed an issue where the Infected becomes unresponsive and dies
  • Damage scaling for fists and dropkicks is fixed, no longer allowing players to box through the game easily
  • You can no longer fall through the elevator
  • Fixed an issue with “Leaving the mission area” during the Twin Brothers’ quest
  • Added a new Craftmaster upgrading tutorial for the new players
  • The wardrobe is no longer blocking the exit in one of the safe zones
  • Frank’s door at the Fish Eye is now open during Explore Villedor mode, which will allow plates to get a collectible located there
  • Fixed AI outline during Rage Mode in one of the story quests
  • Fixed issues with Stamina not depleting during some of the Nightrunners’ trials

The patch also features several more changes, including tons of fixes to UI, co-op, and tech. You can visit the official website for more information.

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