Dungeon Defenders: Awakened The Outcast Summoner Has Arrived in Episode 2 Part 1

New Hero: The Outcast Summoner
New Hero: The Outcast Summoner Steam

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Episode 2 Part 1 is now available. This huge content update introduces a new hero, as well as other new exciting changes.

The Outcast Summoner has arrived in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Unlike the other heroes in the game, the Outcast Summoner is quite unique because he doesn’t attack enemies; he lets his minions do that for him. He can go into Overlord Mode, where the game’s camera changes to a top-down perspective, allowing the Summoner to place his minions better on the battlefield.

Outcast Summoner Minions
Outcast Summoner Minions Steam

The Outcast Summoner acts more of a support hero more than anything. His Flash Heal ability not only restores his minions’ health, but the HP of nearby heroes and defensive structures as well.

On top of that, the Outcast Summoner can buff his minions, providing them a boost in attack damage and attack speed. This buff can be scaled by improving the hero’s Ability stat.

In addition, Episode 2 Part 1 introduces the highly anticipated trading feature. Players can now trade their items and gold by using the party bar at the top-right corner of the pause menu.

Trading Feature
Trading Feature Steam

Patch Notes

  • Minion 1 - Archer (2 DU): Summons a Crystalline Dark Elf Archer. Shoots non-piercing arrows at enemies.
  • Minion 2 - Spider (3 DU): Summons a Crystalline Spider to the battlefield. Flings webs at nearby enemies, slowing them down and doubling all damage they receive.
  • MInion 3 - Siren (4 DU): Summons a Crystalline Siren to the battlefield. She casts protective shields around defenses reducing incoming damage and also attacks offensively with her ranged attack.
  • Minion 4 - Dark Elf Mage (4 DU): Summons a Crystalline Dark Elf Mage to the battlefield. Casts fireballs and periodically heals themselves and other nearby minions, as well as heroes.
  • Minion 5 - Ogre (5 DU): Summons a Crystalline Ogre to the battlefield. Crushes enemies within melee range and occasionally fires poison snot balls from a distance.
  • Runes are a new feature that allow players to augment their defenses in new ways! These can range from simple additions to completely different abilities.
  • Runes can drop from normal enemies at all levels of play as well as from victory chests. Each act has its own pool of which runes drop from enemies, and each map has a smaller subset of that act pool that drop in the form of a guaranteed drop from the victory chest.
  • Squire - Sniper Tower
    • The Sniper tower offers the squire a new single target defense that will be very strong at defeating tanky enemies. It will use a special enemy targeting priority. This tower will replace the Bouncer Blockade as we felt the blockade was often overshadowed by the other blockades in the game.
  • Huntress- Poison Dart Tower
    • The Poison Dart Tower is the first addition of a defense to the Huntress’s kit. The PDT will shoot 3 individual projectiles. These projectiles are fanned out so that they spread out and hit multiple enemies down the path. It will use a fodder targeting priority.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Episode 2 Part 1 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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