Dungeon Defenders: Awakened 1.1 Patch Notes: New Hero, Survival Game Mode, And More!

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Chromatic Games, the developer of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, recently released a new update that adds a lot of new content such as a new survival game mode, a new hero named Series EV-A, new challenges, and much more. This major update also fixes tons of bugs such as client crashes due to the survival mode, traps not triggering as intended, and many more bugs.

As a bonus to all players, if you login in before August 23, you will unlock a rifted costume for the new hero, so grab it while you still can!

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened 1.1 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Content Update 1.1 Patch Notes

1.1 Update Weekend Launch Event

Log in now until Sunday 8/23 and unlock a Rifted Costume for our new hero Series EV-A!

Major New Content and Features

  • Massacre Survival Game Mode - The next stop on our way to late game DD: A gameplay. A whole new challenge to explore which includes a new tier of loot as well as bosses. With randomized boss loot, you can now attain loot at a whole new power level.
  • Hero Series EV-A - A new hero joins your roster to help with the challenges that await you in Massacre Survival mode. A franchise favorite makes her way into DD: A with a familiar and powerful kit of defenses and skills.
  • Tornado Valley Challenge - Invade airships, defeat the ship captain, and dodge deadly mortar barrage.
  • Promenade Challenge - Play capture the flag against Copters of both the goblin and Ogre variety, meanwhile there are missiles set to kill.

Minor New Content and Features

  • New inventory filter system
  • Additional auto-loot options
  • Full gamepad support
  • Bosses in survival mode
  • Updated language translations
  • Unstuck command
  • New achievements
  • New pets from challenge maps
  • Increased knockback scaling

Kickstarter and Backer Rewards

  • Unique item names for Kickstarter rewards
  • Exclusive Kickstarter & Pre-Order costumes Codes will be sent out within a week of patch, either to BackerKit or via Email

Game Optimizations

  • Massive memory cleanup in all sections of the game.
  • Massive CPU performance optimizations related to everything gameplay.
  • Profile conflict system

Bug Fixes

  • BUGFIX: In challenge modes with limited lives, hero swapping in build phase while dead and out of lives respawns the player
  • BUGFIX: Copters are invulnerable.
  • BUGFIX: Direct Join from game closed causes infinite loading
  • BUGFIX: Input binding displays that had a none input action became visible
  • BUGFIX: Campaign completion pet on Easy-Nightmare had 0 min quality.
  • BUGFIX: Shadow Monk skin confirm button isn't disabled even though the skin isn't owned
  • BUGFIX: Spectator can hot swap heroes and spawn in the world
  • BUGFIX: Attack power now scales pet damage
  • BUGFIX: Unable to see the last option in the gameplay options list
  • BUGFIX: Apprentice offense stats were missing
  • BUGFIX: Channeling ability sometimes can't be deactivated by a client.
  • BUGFIX: Input Binding Display - fixed issue that was hiding hold radial bar.
  • BUGFIX: Bosses can be stunned by the Lightning Tower.
  • BUGFIX: Suggested Levels are very wrong
  • BUGFIX: Harpoon turret shooting Ogre targets too high up on the body causing it to miss other targets.
  • BUGFIX: Inferno Trap tick rate not scaling properly in Massacre
  • BUGFIX: Healing Aura not scaling properly in higher difficulties
  • BUGFIX: Pet attack rates cannot be properly upgraded
  • BUGFIX: Enemies never appear with the Massacre colorization (Black/Gold) in massacre difficulty.
  • BUGFIX: Skeletons don't properly die to lifespan or getting stuck, they just "Fake Die" once and resurrect.
  • BUGFIX: If a skeleton is dead when the dark elf mage that summoned it is killed it isn't removed from the map.
  • BUGFIX: Djinn tries to destroy crystal generators on Alch Labs
  • BUGFIX: Boss events don't occur if you join in survival past wave 20.
  • BUGFIX: Kobolds may not be targeted by any defense.
  • BUGFIX: Traps may not trigger as intended.
  • BUGFIX: Goblin Mech doesn't move if you're far away when he spawns.
  • BUGFIX: The Goblin Mech can break down and not work as intended.
  • BUGFIX: Fix ranged enemy targeting and navigation.
  • BUGFIX: Clients were unable to load and save inventory filters when in an multiplayer game.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with Tactician and Untouchable not granting awards
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with Strength In Numbers description
  • BUGFIX: Dragon pet could get 3 extra projectiles when it should only get 2 extra.
  • BUGFIX: Score doesn't reset correctly after winning chicken soccer.
  • BUGFIX: Wave 25 Deeper Well massacre survival enemies are much much easier than wave 24 enemies.
  • BUGFIX: Traps now have a collision representing their effect range only interacts with tower collision via overlap
  • BUGFIX: Copters clipping through walls in Ancient Mines
  • BUGFIX: After joining a hardcore map that is in combat phase the client is stuck on the loading screen until that combat phase finishes
  • BUGFIX: Ancient Dragon boss weapons had an incorrect projectile description
  • BUGFIX: Mana gems don't drop from enemies on Royal Gardens Wave 24 - Survival (Massacre)
  • BUGFIX: Mage heal affects bosses.
  • BUGFIX: Couldn't spin Hero model in inventory
  • BUGFIX: Towers may not target Bosses or Copter Flares
  • BUGFIX: MultiBuff pets will buff undesirable targets
  • BUGFIX: Ogre Slam can damage defenses it should be able to
  • BUGFIX: Ancient Dragon gets stuck in strafe mode when more than 1 player is on the map
  • BUGFIX: Trophies with longer titles text are cut off on both ends
  • BUGFIX: Fix for pylons being moved by Sharken.
  • BUGFIX: Skeletons in Mixed Mode only ever spawn as tier 1
  • BUGFIX: Tower Speed (Def. Rate) was showing as less was better for tooltips
  • BUGFIX: Hold event progress isn't displaying correctly during activation on keyboard
  • BUGFIX: Pets activate their abilities and attacks in pure strategy mode
  • BUGFIX: Healing aura heals defenses
  • BUGFIX: Enemies occasionally moonwalk because why not
  • BUGFIX: Names that appear when you hover over the player icons on the escape screen
  • BUGFIX: The create hero UI always shows gamepad icons
  • BUGFIX: Session Browser had locked entries if you beat a map on survival but you did not beat the specific wave they were on.
  • BUGFIX: Djinn have trouble acquiring new targets and have an incorrect tower destroy distance in massacre
  • BUGFIX: Game crashes if you go into placement for a defense while inspecting one that is already placed
  • BUGFIX: Input errors when going from gamepad to keyboard
  • BUGFIX: Client crashes during the combat phase of Survival
  • BUGFIX: The create hero UI always shows gamepad icons
  • BUGFIX: Healing aura doesn't affect the new hero if you swap inside of it
  • BUGFIX: Sirens ping icon is gigantic
  • BUGFIX: When a client leaves game from the tavern they are sent to the menu level instead of their own tavern
  • BUGFIX: Defense tooltip closes when in build mode after you get done focusing an already built defense.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed defense tooltips not showing up for placement of node types
  • BUGFIX: Sharkens can target defenses across the map if they are ever facing it after spawning
  • BUGFIX: Demon Lord Doesn't Do Anything If You Die
  • BUGFIX: Moving Core challenge says Monsterfest in the map selection UI and on the end game summary screen
  • BUGFIX: Heal isn't disabled when webbed by a spider
  • BUGFIX: Copter's can drop their Ogres in locations where the Ogre gets stuck on Promenade
  • BUGFIX: Build Suggestions button text being cut off
  • BUGFIX: Sliders don't stay in the correct location after modifying colors of costumes
  • BUGFIX: No Mana drops from enemies on wave 5 of Magus Quarters Massacre Campaign and build timers on Throne Room Survival.
  • BUGFIX: Spectator camera freezes in hardcore after a short period
  • BUGFIX: Squire can use healing ability while blocking.
  • BUGFIX: Camera Toggle gets stuck on screen after building a defense
  • BUGFIX: All confirmation popups have to be clicked twice for either button to work
  • BUGFIX: Djinn don't turn to face their target when using an ability
  • BUGFIX: Leaving the game on a client after transitioning as a group from the tavern crashes the client
  • BUGFIX: Sell All Did not have a confirmation before doing
  • BUGFIX: Fix for Sirens taking damage from auras
  • BUGFIX: Enemies can attempt to attack the player when they can't reach them
  • BUGFIX: Could not stand on Flameball towers
  • BUGFIX: Flamethrower weapon visuals don't turn off when reloading
  • BUGFIX: Sirens walking into Cores
  • BUGFIX: Can interact with towers while in build mode
  • BUGFIX: New Trophies in the tavern are never focusable
  • BUGFIX: Nameplate health values don't update when fortify stat changes unless that nameplate is currently on screen
  • BUGFIX: Fix passive damage from interrupting enemy attacks, it doesn't stun them but prevents them from effectively doing anything.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed range value on tooltips to match what is shown in placement
  • BUGFIX: On the hero creation UI you are able to spam the hero spawn sounds by clicking their portraits repeatedly
  • BUGFIX: When the swap button was hidden it was still showing up in the wrong location
  • BUGFIX: Goblin Copter targeting issues
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Slice and Dice tower scaling and fixed damage scaling as well
  • BUGFIX: On tooltips, primary damage and elemental damage were always getting colored
  • BUGFIX: On gamepad able to open 2 sell all confirmation prompts by holding Right-Shoulder twice.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed DU from not displaying on built tower tooltips
  • BUGFIX: Gamepad navigation on filters UI was not working as intended
  • BUGFIX: Repair now works in the tavern
  • BUGFIX: For the host, the Gold earned tracker on the end game summary screen displays clients total gold instead of gold earned on that map
  • BUGFIX: Demon Lord in-world sword could spawn in and cause players to get stuck if they were standing where it spawned and/or building there
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