Dungeon Defenders: Awakened The Guardian Now Ready to Smite Enemies in Episode 2 Part 2 Update

Episode 2 Part 2 Update
Episode 2 Part 2 Update Steam

The second part of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Episode 2 is now available via a new update. This patch brought tons of new content, including the newest addition to the roster: the Guardian!

Meet the New Hero

New Melee Hero: The Guardian
New Melee Hero: The Guardian Steam

The Guardian is a new melee hero in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. She has vast knowledge and experience when it comes to guarding important structures because she has once protected many ancient tombs around the world of Etheria.

She can use her trusty sword to slice opponents who are foolish enough to come close to her. She also wields a shield that she can use to slam her opponents with. Her Shield Slam can be charged up by pressing and holding the ability button. The longer the button is held, the more damage it deals up to a certain limit. Upon release, the Guardian will slam her shield, releasing a cone of damage in front of her, hitting all enemies within range.

Stubborn enemies who are not eliminated by her sword and shield will be dealt with accordingly with her Divine Judgement. The Guardian summons divine energy from above and comes crashing down onto enemies, dealing huge damage.

The Guardian can support her allies as well with Divine Protection. When enabled, this ability increases the armor of nearby heroes, grants the Guardian increased movement speed, and any damage dealt will return a portion of it as healing to nearby heroes.

New Runes

In addition, the Episode 2 Part 2 update adds new runes to DDA, with some specific to the Guardian. For example, Paralyzing Smite is a new rune that stuns enemies hit by the Guardian’s Divine Judgement for x seconds.

Here’s a list of the other runes for the Guardian:

  • Retribution Aura - Guardian Divine Protection (Drops on The Outpost): This rune will make enemies reflect X% of the damage dealt to the Guardian back to themselves.
  • Divine Absorption - Guardian Holy Bulwark (Drops on Foundries and Forges): This rune will make the Holy Bulwark heal X% of the damage it receives from protecting other defenses. It will not heal itself from direct damage.
  • Empowering Friendship - Guardian Empowering Shrine (Drops on Royal Gardens): This rune will increase the hero damage the defense gives by X% for each player inside.
  • Flaming Owl - Guardian Owl Perch (Drops on Tornado Valley): This rune will give the Owl a fire DoT to apply to enemies dealing X% Tower Damage every second for Y Seconds.
  • Radiant Outbreak - Guardian Holy Cannon (Drops on Glitterhelm Caverns): The Holy Cannon has an X% chance to transfer its DoT Stacks to another enemy upon the enemies death.
  • Deadly Gaze - Guardian Obelisk (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune will make The Obelisk apply a DoT to all enemies within the obelisk's debuff range dealing a % of tower damage per second.
Episode 2 Part 2 Update
Episode 2 Part 2 Update Steam

Dungeon Defenders Episode 2 Part 2 update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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