Dreams September 29 Update Brings Accessibility Changes and More

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Dreams, the game creation system released exclusively for PlayStation 4 and 5, is getting some love from its developer. Media Molecule released a major update yesterday that made tons of changes to the game’s Logic, Audio, Animation, and Assemble. One new Accessibility feature was added along with a couple of bug fixes.

Players can now select the color of both the subtitle text and background. They can also change the opacity of the subtitle background. You can make these tweaks by going to the My Preferences menu. This feature should make reading subtitles slightly easier.

The highlights of the update are mentioned below:

  • New Health Manager Damage Multiplier Tweak: Added a new tweak to the Health Manager, allowing for management of how much health is affected by Health Modifiers (e.g. reduce the amount of damage if a character has armor).
  • Fog Range and Sun Brightness Improvement: We’ve increased the maximum Fog Range up to 50,000m with this update, and the maximum Sun Brightness to 1000% (previously this was 200%).
  • Teleporter Ordering: A new tweak has been added to the Teleporter, allowing for creators to choose which Teleporters to activate first when there are multiple in one frame.
  • Keyframe Purpose Feedback: Added a visual identifier to inform when a Keyframe is "empty" - meaning it is not currently linked to anything in the scene.
  • Sun/Sky Gizmo: The rod on this gizmo is now grabbable, so you can rotate the sun without the risk of changing how far along the rod it is.
  • Grid Snap Usability Improvement: Objects keep their orientation when held by the user with Grid Snap on and the camera is rotated.
  • Timeline Sidebar Changes: Creators can now press to return all solo’d and/or muted rows to their original state. Simply hover over a mute or solo button and press. Also, a minor visual change helps better differentiate between which rows are solo’d.
  • Timeline Frame Number: When zoomed in significantly on a Timeline, the time bar will automatically switch from seconds to frame numbers.
  • Reduce Most Detailed: It actually works! With this update, when using the Sculpture Detail tool, you’ll be able to use + to automatically find the most detailed sculpture in your scene and reduce its detail.

You can read the complete patch notes from the official site.

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