Dragon Quest Builders is Finally Launching on PC

Good news for PC players. Square Enix

Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest Builders is launching on February 13 and to be available on PC through Steam. The game had already been released for the PlayStation 4 and the PC version comes with upgraded crafting features along with the "Terra Incognita" DLC for free.

Players can also get Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Builders 2. Those who already have the Steam version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 can get Dragon Quest Builders at a discounted price. Pre-orders are now available for both the base game and the bundle.

Dragon Quest Builders offer an immersive sandbox gaming experience where players get to rebuild the ruined realm of Alefgard. As mentioned, the PC version has upgraded crafting features which are:

  • Place blocks with a single mouse-click and destroy blocks and items more easily.
  • A convenient Undo Button function has been added which let players restore their work.
  • The "Big Bash" where players can simultaneously destroy objects within a certain range.
  • Collectible items, such as NPC and monster figures, are available in-game.
  • Pixels can be collected and exchanged for a variety of useful items.
  • Convert buildings into Build Cards to share with friends and scan their buildings to have them show up on player islands.

Meanwhile, for the "Terra Incognita" content, PC players can look forward to:

  • Boss Monster Model Set
    • Players can unpack several giant posable monster figures which can then be added to their worlds.
  • Astronomy Set
    • Players get to light up the night sky with ten stars and planets to bring the beauty of the galaxy to their backyard.
  • Pixel Ring
    • Players can wear a Pixel Ring which gives them a higher number of "pixels" when defeating an enemy in "Terra Incognita."
    • They can then use these to create special items on the "Dragon Quest Game Pack" workstation.
  • Magic Carpet
    • Players can use a magic carpet as they observe, build, and explore their structures from the sky, as well as listen to special music as they travel.

Dragon Quest Builders was first released for the PlayStation 4 in 2016 with a version for the Nintendo Switch made available in 2018. The game was then released on mobile platforms in May 2022.

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