Dota Underlords Launches Tomorrow

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Time to get serious.
Time to get serious. Valve

Dota Underlords is finally coming out of Early Access and officially launches tomorrow, February 25. The release also marks the start of the game's Season 1.

First revealed in August 2019, Dota Underlords is Valve's take on Auto Chess and the growing auto battler genre. Despite being a mod for Dota 2, Valve failed to come to terms with the developer for Auto Chess. This resulted in the company coming up with their own version.

Now that the game is officially out of beta, what can players expect? Let's start with the Underlords Rank, which is going to experience a soft reset. For those not familiar, Underlords has nine rank badges which are Upstart, Grifter, Outlaw, Enforced, Smuggler, Lieutenant, Boss, Big Boss, and Lord of White Spire. Each rank has five levels, also known as Minor Ranks, which players need to earn before being able to move to the next rank.

Under the soft reset, while players get to keep their Major Rank, each Rank is going to start at Minor Rank 1. This is going to apply to Standard, Duos, and Knockout ranks. The only exception to this change is those who are at Lords of White Spire, who are going to be reset back to Big Boss III.

Upon launch, there's going to be a new default Board along with five new boards that can be unlocked. Those who manage to reach Level 5 in their Protopas will unlock two Beta Season boards as well. Level 5+ Beta Season players also get access to Path to Sunbreeze and Streets of White Spire boards. That's not all, as these same players, meaning those who reach Level 5 in the Beta Season, also get the golden Ricky Ravenhook board prop and a Beta Season wanted poster title.

Valve also announced that there's going to be new content and features released at launch. These include a way to customize the Loadout and Underlords with Board Props and Titles. Those who reached Level 5 during the Beta Season get the Gold Ricky. A Stone Ricky is also available for those who buy the Battlepass.

That said, Boards are going to be customizable and players can get additional props to place on boards by leveling up the Battlepass. Wanted posters can now be customized as well, with players being able to unlock more titles as they earn Achievements.

Of course, it wouldn't be an official launch without a party. To celebrate the launch of the game, there's going to be a Launch Party on Twitch. The launch Party starts at 1:00 p.m. EDT on February 25.

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