Dota 2 WeSave! Charity Play: Team Nigma Wins It For EU And CIS Region

PSG.LGD & Thunder Predator Sweep Opponents
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On to Game 5!
On to Game 5! WePlay!

After a week of competition, the Dota 2 WeSave! Charity Play has finally come to a close. There were a lot of good matches, particularly the last one where Team Nigma managed to grab the win from HellRaisers. The previous two matches saw PSG.LGD and Thunder Predator sweep their opponents.

Back to Form

In China, it appears that PSG.LGD is back to form as it easily beat Vici Gaming 3-0. In the first game it was Lu “Maybe” Yao who had nine kills on Void Spirit. What is surprising is Xu “fy” Linsen managing to get 11 kills despite playing in Position 4.

The second game finished even faster, and wrapped up in under 20 minutes. This time Maybe carried the team along with Yang “Chalice” Shenyl. It was pretty much like the first game, as PSG.LGD limited the other team’s total team kills to below 10.

In the third game, VG managed to do a bit of damage, but it still wasn’t enough for the game to go their way as both Chalice and Maybe made sure that their team would finish first.

Thundering their way to Victory

Moving over to South America, Thunder Predator dominated NoPing esports. Despite the efforts of NoPIng’s top player, Thunder Predator’s picks were simply too strong. The second game was even more of a blowout as three of Thunder Predator’s roster ended the game with double-digit kills. In the third game, Thunder Predator's Leonardo “LeoStyle-“ Sifuentes decided to go for Ember Spirit and he let loose. He had 14 kills at the end of the match and zero deaths.

Chalk Up Another Win

Team Nigma may not have been showing their true form during Valve events. However, it appears that they have finally managed to get their own tempo back after winning two WePlay! tournaments. During the WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon, they went the distance with Team Secret and managed to come out on top. This was the same story here.

The first was quite long with Alexander “Nix” Levin and Arslan “xannii” Shdjanov of HellRaisers showing strong performances. Despite HellRaisers having more team kills that Nigma, it was the latter that finally managed to grab the win.

Both the second and third games were relatively short compared to the first one and it was all about HellRaisers. In the second game, Nix managed to deal enough damage to Nigma for the team to get the win. Nix ended the second game with 20 kills and no deaths. In the third game it was now xannii’s turn and his numbers were pretty much like Nix in the previous game. Using Queen of Pain, xannii had 20 kills and only one death.

Nigma, however, showed why they are former TI champions as schooled HellRaisers with Aliwi “w33” Omar having the time of his life on Meepo and scoring 15 kills. HellRaisers took the lead a couple of times when Nigma was going for Roshan. However, this turned out to be disastrous for them. With the Aegis on their side, Nigma made a play and a bit later HellRaisers were forced to call the GG.

The fifth game was interesting as both teams went for four of the heroes they used in the previous game. HellRaiser’s decision looked to be a good one as they took the lead early on and somewhat managed to hold on. Nigma initiated a team fight after catching HellRaisers taking an outpost. The fight went in Nigma’s favor. Nigma later was confident enough to go for the push, getting the advantage, and again forcing the gg.

With the WePlay! tournament over, up next is the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online tournament.

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