Dota 2 WeSave! Charity Play: Na'Vi And CR4ZY Come Out On Top

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Waiting for Game 3 of CR4ZY v Cloud9 to start.
Waiting for Game 3 of CR4ZY v Cloud9 to start. WePlay!

Day 1 of the Dota 2 WeSave! Charity Play is all done and we got three excellent matches. In fact, two of those matches were part of our three matches to watch article. To give a quick recap, Natus Vincere dominated B8 to get a 2-0 win while CR4ZY rallied to get a 2-1 victory against Cloud9. Over in the SEA Region, Geek Fam managed to edge out BOOM Esports.

Geek Fam Wins Over BOOM

This was the first match of the tournament with Geek Fam making short work of their opponents. The first game ended in just after 26 minutes. However, BOOM did not take the loss sitting down and managed to get the win for the second game. One would expect the third game to be close and while it did take long, at 46 minutes, it was Geek Fam all the way. The win secures Geek Fam a spot in the SEA Finals to face whoever wins the TNC Predator versus Team Adroit match.

Na'Vi Sweeps B8

From SEA we move on over to the CIS Region where Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, along with his new team B8, faced off against his former organization, Na'Vi.

During the first 30 minutes of the game, it was B8 that had the advantage. After, the game started to turn to Na'Vi's favor after Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek managed to get Eye of Skadi for his Naga Siren. It was also during this time that Na'Vi managed to destroy the Bottom Tier 3 Tower. Na'Vi continued to push, eventually getting both Melee and Ranged Barracks. Na'Vi then forced a team fight, got the advantage, and eventually grabbed the win.

The second game started like the first with B8 again getting the initial lead. However, it appeared that Na'Vi didn't want to prolong the match any longer as its core players rose to the occasion to get the win. Crystallize ended with nine kills and zero deaths and was helped by Idan "MagicaL" Vardanian with 10 kills.

CR4ZY Enough To Win

The third match was one that we were looking forward to as it was former Fighting PandaS roster, now with CR4ZY, going against their former teammate and founder who was now with Cloud9.

There was no question the first game was all Cloud9. Marcus "Ace" Hoelgaard on Troll Warlord dominated the match with 11 kills and only one death. CR4ZY, meanwhile, was limited to just four team kills.

At the start of the second game, it was again Cloud9 as they slowly picked off CR4ZY. CR4ZY would get a bit of an advantage in a team fight at around the 16-minute mark. Cloud, however, managed to kill off three of CR4ZY's members and push the Bottom Tier 2 Tower. They then stopped and moved on to pick Jonathan Bryle "Bryle" Santos De Guia on Storm Spirit who wasn't able to do anything. After that, Oliver "skiter" Lepko on Ursa initiated a fight with Bryle, making use of his buyback. CR4ZY killed four from Cloud9 to get a free shot at Roshan.

CR4ZY initiated a fight, but upon seeing it that wouldn't go to their favor, made the smart decision to back off. Cloud9 chased, and this resulted in a team fight where Cloud9 eventually was wiped out. Could9 later pushed the Bottom but ended having two of its members dead. CR4ZY killed Roshan again and this marked the end for Cloud9. Another disastrous teamfight went against Cloud9 forcing them to call GG.

The match moved to a third and deciding game. However, this time it was CR4ZY that would take the lead. Cloud9 was able to get Roshan, though this didn't bother CR4ZY as they forced a team fight to their favor, making Cloud9 use their buybacks. CR4ZY later made the decision to push and eventually win the game and the match 2-1 against their former teammates.

Games Today

Today's schedule include:

  • PSG.LGD v Invictus Gaming @ 8:00 AM EDT
  • Team Liquid v OG @ 1:00 PM EDT
  • FURIA ESports v NoPing e-sports @ 5:00 PM

You can now watch the tournament through the Dota 2 Client on Steam. For other options on where to watch, read our story here.

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