Dota 2 WeSave! Charity Play: Evil Geniuses Top NA Region, Adroit For SEA 

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It's Game 4 of the NA Finals.
It's Game 4 of the NA Finals. WePlay!

The fun continues as we got to witness two Finals in the Dota 2 WeSave! Charity Play. For the North America region it was Evil Geniuses getting the top spot while Team Adroit managed to claim the Finals win for the SEA region. The third game for the day was for the Europe & CIS region, where HellRaisers managed to sweep Natus Vincere to earn a spot in the Finals.

Not enough CR4ZY To Take Down EG

CR4ZY had the chance to show what it was made of against EG. EG, however, had other plans as Artour "Arteezy" Babaev on Alchemist made short work of CR4ZY getting 10 kills and zero deaths. In the second game, it again was EG that called the shots with all team members showing excellent performances. CR4ZY actually had the lead at one point, but EG slowly picked them off one at a time with EG eventually shifting the advantage to their favor.

By this time everyone expected EG to get the sweep, but CR4ZY had none of that. The team managed to hold off a loss and even limited EG to just seven team kills.

The fourth game was a close one and CR4ZY’s Oliver "skiter" Lepko did want he could in order to extend the series. However, even with 15 kills to his Juggernaut it wasn't enough. Arteezy had a good performance as well with a big help from Eric "Ryoya" Dong. EG claimed the game, and with it the series, at just after the 40-minute mark.

Looks like there's a rising star in SEA

This region also had an excellent Finals series in Geek Fam versus Team Adroit. The first game was all Geek Fam with Kenny "Xepher" Deo getting 10 kills on his Shadow Fiend while Karl "Karl" Jayme added nine kills on Slark.

Adroit found an answer to Geek Fam and in the second game went for Mc Nicholson “Mac” Villanueva on Puck for mid. Geek Fam managed to get the advantage in the mid-game, but initiated a team which would end badly and give the advantage back to Adroit. Later, Geek Fam took on Roshan, and despite Adroit trying to prevent it, managed to get the Aegis for Marc Polo Luis "Raven" Fausto, who was on Anti-Mage. Raven later was caught by Adroit and died twice, eventually giving the space that Adroit needed to push and get the win.

The third game again was all Adroit as Geek Fam had problems against the former’s picks. Geek Fam appeared to “punish” Adroit by dominating the game and tying the series 2-2.

The fifth game indeed was interesting and even lasted for more than an hour. Geek Fam decided to have Raven go for Sven while Xepher went for Void Spirit. Adroit decided to give Mac Razor and let Jun “Bok” Kanehara use Mars. That appeared to be a good decision as both Mac and Bok racked up double-digit scores in kills. They almost lost the series after most members died, but recovered just in time to get the GG and the win.

Raising Hell

In the semi-finals match for this combined region, it was all HellRaisers as Natus VIncere could not find an answer. In two of the three wins, it was Alexander “Nix” Levin of HellRaisers that had a strong performance. He gave Na’Vi problems in the first game as Broodmother and ended the game with 11 kills. In the second game he decided to go for Bottom instead of Mid and went for Riki. This time he had 23 kills. While he didn’t have double-digit kills in the third game, he had zero deaths and it was teammate Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov who ended the game with 11 kills on Void Spirit.

Upcoming Matches

Like with the other days, there are three matches scheduled today and these are:

  • PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming (China Finals)
  • Team Liquid vs Team Nigma (EU & CIS Semifinals)
  • NoPing e-sports vs Thunder Predator (SA Finals)
* Some of these matches may be underway or even done by the time this story is published. Check the official site here for the actual schedules.
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