Dota 2 WePlay AniMajor: Team Spirit and TNC Eliminated

That was an exciting match.
That was an exciting match. Evil Geniuses

If you’re a fan of TNC Predator or Team Spirit, then we’ve got some pretty bad news for you. The two teams have been eliminated from the Dota 2 WePlay Animajor. They don’t go home empty-handed though as each team gets $12,500.

You’re probably wondering why we didn’t mention the DPC points they earned. That’s because it doesn’t really matter. The loss meant that they no longer qualify for a direct invite to TI10. That also means they need to go through the qualifiers if they want to be part of Dota 2’s biggest event.


To be fair, both teams had a long road ahead. Spirit had to face Vici Gaming, and in the first game, Spirit held on for a bit before calling it GG to give the win to VG. The second game wasn’t any better as Spirit had a hard time and was swept by VG.

TNC, on the other hand, went against Evil Geniuses. The first game was all about domination and EG had that. Just how well did EG do? Well, EG had 36 team kills versus 3 from TNC. However, TNC didn’t just roll over and managed to win the second game to tie the series. The third game though was again all about EG with Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop having solid performances.

Look Who’s In

The fans of both teams may be sad but their elimination was good news for beastcoast. The South American team has received a direct invite and will appear in TI10. In fact, their tweet pretty much sums up their situation:

The Last Direct Invite

With beastcoast now guaranteed a TI10 spot, only one more direct invite remains, which is interesting.

Currently in 12th place is Thunder Predator with 800 DPC points while following them is Team Nigma with 670 DPC points.

Here’s the thing, Thunder didn’t make it to the WePlay Animajor and that means all eyes are on Nigma. Their points included the guaranteed 300 DPC points if ever they are eliminated. So, to get 12th place, they must have more than 130 points. To do that, they need to take at least second place for this tournament.

They’re currently playing in a match against PSG.LGD. Now even if they lose, they’re still not out. However, they’re going to face EG in the Lower Bracket first. If they win against PSG, they need to win one more match, which is against the winner of the T1 versus Quincy Crew match.

What about you? Do you think Nigma can grab that direct invite?

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