Dota 2 Spring Update for Dota Plus is Here

New content is here.
New content is here. Valve

Dota 2 released its Spring Update that brings several new content and features for Dota Plus. It’s offering some updates to Hero Relics along with extra functionality for Turbo. Players can also expect to see a new seasonal treasure and refreshed guild quests, and corresponding rewards.

Dota Plus is a paid monthly subscription service for the game. It gives different features and rewards, and members get extra rewards from events and Battle Pass.

Before we look at the new content, check out the newly released main trailer of the Dragon’s Blood.

Seasonal Treasure

Let’s start with the new Spring 2021 Seasonal Treasure. It’s exclusive to those who have the Dota Plus subscription and available for purchase using shards. It introduces new sets for:

  • Bloodseeker
  • Windranger
  • Clockwerk
  • Slark
  • Lich
  • Broodmother
  • Sand King
  • Drow Ranger
  • Pugna
  • Juggernaut
  • Magnus

This seasonal treasure also gives players that chance to get the Mango the Newt courier, which comes preloaded random prismatic as well as kinetic gems.

Turbo Update

There’s some good news for those who prefer to stay on Turbo Mode. Hero Relics and Hero Challenges are now enabled for this mode though with a bit of a difference. Under this mode, the progress for Hero Relics during matches is at half the rate of normal matches. For Hero Challenges, players can now earn up to one star.

Seasonal Quests and Guild Rewards

There’s now a new set of quests for members that can help them get extra shards to grab new relics and Seasonal Treasure. As much as 115,200 shards can be earned over the whole season.

The rewards have also been switched and these are now:

  • Guild Tier: Silver
    • Rewards:
      • :omgomni: emoticon
      • :diredance: emoticon
      • :swiz: emoticon
  • Guild Tier: Gold
    • Rewards:
      • “Wyvern Kiss” spray
      • “Bananaphone” spray
      • “Zen” spray
  • Guild Tier: Platinum
    • Rewards:
      • “Looking Spicy” chat wheel
      • “ 唉唉唉!唉?唉 …” chat wheel
      • “Это ГГ” chat wheel

Dragon’s Blood

The road to the launch of Dragon’s Blood has become more exciting with the release of the official trailer. The anime was first announced back in February and to be streamed exclusively on Netflix. Read more about that here.

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