Dota 2 Update 7.35d: Chen & Dragon Knight Receives the Nerf Hammer

No new hero for now but changes made to those in the roster. Valve

Those who were expecting for the Crownfall update to arrive in Dota 2 were sure to be disappointed. Because what arrived instead was Patch 7.35d. Which means Crowfall is coming out at a later date and in this case sometime in April. That said, this latest update has some interesting changes.

For starters, some rework has been introduced to the matchmaking hero ban to ensure that cheats are minimized. Changes made to items are also rather interesting, like what happened with Divine Rapier.

For the heroes, let's start with Chen who has been nerfed and according to Valve "had it coming." The Movement Slow for Penitence has been lowered and is now at 12/18/24/30%. Decreased as well is the Bonus Armor from Divine Favor and it now at 9/12/15/18.

Another hero that's been taken down a notch is Dragon Knight. For those who can remember, he had a good pick rate back in Dreamleague Season 22. The nerf has been applied to his Elder Dragon Form with the Corrosive Breath debuff duration lowered from 5s to 3s. Meanwhile, illusions no longer apply dragon's on-hit effects if they have reverted back to melee form.

Primal Beast also had his damage affected by the new update. The damage from Onslaught from example has been reduced from 90/180/270/360 to 75/170/265/360. For Uproar, the Aghanim's Scepter Damage per line was lowered from 100 to 85.

Another One Gets the Buff

Of course, if some heroes were nerfed then there are those who have received some much-needed buffs. Chaos Knight for example now has the Creep Damage Multiplier for his Chaos Strike increased from 1.9x to 2x. Also increased was the cast range for his Reality Rift which is now at 600/650/700/750.

Necrophos also received a lot of love with the new update, particularly with his talents. The Level 10 Talent Heartstopper Aura Stack Duration for instance has been increased from +2s to +3s. Increased as well was the Level 10 Talent Reaper's Scythe Cast Range from +100 to +125. For the Level 15 Talent Death Pulse Heal, it's been increased from +40 to +50.

You can check out the complete changes made to heroes here.

Dota 2 is available for the PC.

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