Valve is Bringing Dota 2's Biggest Event to Copenhagen

TI goes to Europe. Valve

We're finally getting some news on what's going to happen for this year's The International. Valve is bringing the best Dota 2 teams in the world and fight for the Aegis at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. The battle is taking place this September.

There's going to be a total of 16 teams participating through direct invitations, regional qualifiers, and even open qualifiers. That's pretty like how it's been done for the first few years of TI. The teams getting the direct invites are going to be announced as the event draws near and chosen based on how they performed throughout the year.

There's no question that performance plays an important role. After all, there's a lot of tournaments already announced. Two of them have already finished. The BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 ended back in February with Team Falcons taking home the crown after sweeping Team Liquid. Then there's the recently concluded DreamLeague Season 22 with Falcons again taking the win after beating BetBoom Team 3-0.

So far the other tournaments announced are:

  • Elite League
    • Schedule: March 31 to April 15
    • Prize Pool: $960,000
    • Number of Teams: 24
  • ESL One Birmingham 2024
    • Schedule: April 22 to April 28
    • Prize Pool: $1,000,000
    • Number of Teams: 12
  • DreamLeague Season 23
    • Schedule: May 20 to May 26
    • Prize Pool: $1,000,000
    • Number of Teams: 12
  • Riyadh Masters 2024
    • Schedule: July 2024
    • Prize Pool: TBA
    • Number of Teams: 20

Valve also mentioned that in addition to the tournaments scheduled, it looks like there are rumors going around that Midas Mode may be making a return.

Seasonal Quests & Guild Rewards

Last week, Valve released a new of Dota Plus quests that's sure to give players enough shard to obtain new relics and even Seasonal Treasure. Of course, Guild Rewards have been updated and these are:

  • Silver
    • Emoticon - lion_bounce
    • Emoticon - rainbow_phoenix
    • Emoticon - riki_peaceout
  • Gold
    • Spray - Aghanim - Push
    • Spray - Bounty Hunter - Riches
    • Spray - Hoodwink - Acorn
  • Platinum
    • Chat Wheel - "Что это?! Какая жесть!"
    • Chat Wheel - "Ooooh, por dios!"
    • Chat Wheel - "你行你行,你上你上"

Aside for the new quests, Valve also released Dota Labs. This is a place where players get to test new features which can be added to the game. Be sure to check it out.

Excited yet to see more what's going to happen this season? Dota 2 is available for the PC.

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