Dota 2 Summer Tour Starts May 15 with Supporters Clubs Now Live

Things heat up as Summer Tour is just around the corner. Valve

It hasn't been long since Berlin Major declared Gaimin Gladiators the champions. The different Dota 2 teams are once again feeling the pressure as the 2023 DPC Season continues with the Summer Tour this May 15. After that, it's Bali Major in June and The International in October.

Supporters Clubs

With the Summer Tour just days away, it's now time for fans to show support to their favorite teams through the Supporters Club. The teams in the Supporters Club are going to be rolled out gradually as contents are finalized. Each bundle has three tiers depending how much support a fan is willing to show. Like the previous Supporters Club, teams featured in a bundle get 50% of their bundle sales. The tiers are:

  • Bronze Tier
    • A badge for your favorite team, which appears in friends list, player profile, Versus Screen, and in-game scoreboard.
    • The badge is swappable for those who bought more than one team's bundle.
    • 1 Team Fantasy Player Pack.
    • 1 Basic Fantasy Player Pack.
  • Silver Tier
    • All the perks of the Bronze Club.
    • Sprays to liven up your map and Loading Screens.
    • 2 additional Team Player Card Packs.
    • 6 additional Basic Player Card Packs.
  • Gold Tier
    • All of the perks of the Bronze and Silver Clubs.
    • A special in-game HP-bar badge, as well as Emoticons and Chat Wheel Lines to proclaim your allegiance in-game.
    • 3 additional Team Player Card Packs.
    • 7 additional Basic Player Card Packs.

DPC Fantasy

Supporters Club is not the only way for fans to enjoy the Summer Tour since there's also the DPC Fantasy. For the duration of the Summer Tour, each week-long period has fans set up a fantasy roster composed of:

  • Two Core Player Cards.
  • One Mid Player Card.
  • Two Support Player Cards.

Player cards on the roster earn Fantasy points based on their performance in matches during that period. Silver and Gold cards have stat bonuses which earn more points.

At the start of each new tour, everyone gets 10 starter packs. Additional Player Card Packs can be earned by winning a game of Dota 2. Team Packs, meanwhile, can be bought directly from the Player Cards tab in the Watch section.

Which team are you rooting for this Summer Tour? Dota 2 is available on Steam.

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