Dota 2: Here are Four of Last Season’s TI Contenders Starting Tour 2 in Division II

Going down.
Going down. Valve

With the Regional Finals done, it’s clear that Tour 1 is officially over. While some of the Dota 2 teams are preparing for Tour 2, others have to work their way up again from Division II. Today, we look at those teams that were also formerly TI contenders.

A Difficult Time

SG esports managed to join TI10 by dominating the qualifiers in South America. The team's inexperience showed at the biggest Dota 2 tournament as they placed last in their group and were eliminated. The team's performance was replicated in Tour 1 of the new season. While they were able to beat Beastcoast, it was already too late.

Despite this setback, the team has only released one member. That means the roster is pretty much intact.

It's Broken

Alliance has been doing well before this new season. By that, we mean pretty much average. For the 2021 DPC Season, the team was able to participate in the two Majors. Both times they finished at the same rank. In this new season, they really had a hard time. The only reason they didn't finish last was that they managed to defeat Coolguys, which was placed last.

The team has since then let go of three players. While they do have a substitute player, they still need two people to have a complete roster. Hopefully, they'll be able to bounce back from this.

Going to Ashes

They say that when a phoenix dies, it bursts into flame and is reborn from the ashes. That's what many TNC Predator fans are hoping is going to happen. Once considered as the king of Dota 2 SEA, the team experienced a lot of roster changes during the pandemic. The team only won three out of 15 games in Tour 1. It's no wonder now that they're going to Division II.

They're also in the process of making changes to the roster and hopefully, it works well for the next Tour.

The Biggest Surprise

Knowing that those three previous teams are heading to Division II is likely surprising to many fans. However, the biggest surprise would have to be China. One of the teams going to Division II is none other than Invictus Gaming, the same team that ranked fourth.

Like the other three teams, Invictus Gaming managed to win only one match. Since the team didn’t make any roster changes, let’s see how they fare in Tour 2.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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