Dota 2: Spell Immunity Now Debuff Immunity; BKB Affected

A big change.
A big change. Valve

The New Frontiers update has introduced multiple changes in Dota 2, including Spell Immunity replaced by Debuff Immunity via a rework. While it may seem to be just a word change, it's more than that.

As a quick review, Spell Immunity is a buff which prevents a hero from being targeted by most spells no matter the damage type. Meanwhile, Debuff Immunity works in three major ways:

  • Spell application
    • All spells can now be used on units with Debuff Immunity. This is true even for those which don't pierce Debuff Immunity.
    • Corresponding visual effects now appear and the spell applies all its debuffs on target.
  • Debuff protection
    • Negative effects that don't pierce Debuff Immunity won't have an effect on the target for the duration of the immunity.
    • If Debuff Immunity expires before the debuff that doesn't pierce it, it takes effect for the remaining duration.
    • Negative effects that pierce Debuff Immunity take effect immediately.
  • Damage reduction
    • Debuff Immunity increases Magic Resistance and negates Pure and Reflected damage completely.
    • These effects protect only against spells that don't pierce Debuff Immunity.
    • Physical Damage is not reduced in any case.

Hero Changes

It should be obvious by now that Debuff Immunity will affect heroes. Below is a list of magic resistance for all abilities which previously gave Spell Immunity:

  • Grants 50% Magic Resistance
    • Brewmaster's Earth Brewling
    • Clockwerk (Talent)
    • Dawnbreaker (Shard)
    • Elder Titan (Scepter)
    • Huskar (Life Break)
    • Legion Commander (Talent)
    • Lion (Shard)
    • Marci (Talent)
    • Pangolier (Rolling Thunder and Roll Up)
  • Grants 80% Magic Resistance
    • Juggernaut (Blade Fury)
    • Lifestealer (Rage)
  • Has 95% Magic Resistance
    • Grimstroke's Dark Portrait illusion

BKB Change

The biggest impact would have to be on Black King Bar. Before the update, BKB was an item which granted spell immunity. This time, activating BKB now results in:

  • Applies a basic dispel.
  • Provides Debuff Immunity for the duration. Any negative effect on the hero won't affect them.
  • Magic Resistance increased by 50%. Heroes are immune to pure and reflected damage.

If the effect of the BKB expires before the debuff, it takes effect for the remaining duration.

Don’t forget to check out our summary of the changes that arrived in this new update. Get Dota 2 on Steam now.

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