Dota 2 SA Tour 1 Regional Finals: Beastcoast Still the King

Still the kings.
Still the kings. Twitter/@beastcoast

South America Dota 2 team Beastcoast has once again shown why they are the best in the region. They entered the Regional Finals at a slight disadvantage after finishing third in the regular season. The team swept Infamous 3–0 to bring home $50,000 and 250 PDC Points.

A Quick Look Back

The team had long been showing good performance in South America by securing strong finishes during last year’s DPC. They managed to catch the attention of Dota 2 fans around the world by getting a direct invite to TI10. While they did survive the Group Stage, Beastcoast left the tournament early after bowing in the first round of the Playoffs.

Tour 1

During the early part of Tour 1, Beastcoast showed that they were ready and why they deserved to be in TI10. They were able to get four straight wins with the chance of being undefeated. Sadly, they lost in their last three games. But lucky them that they had enough number of games won to be placed third.

Regional Finals

Of the three other teams in the Regional Finals, two of those were the ones that had beaten Beastcoast. Their first game in the Regional Finals was against Infamous. Like in their previous match-up, Beastcoast had the early lead and didn’t look back. Learning from what happened in the regular season, they knew they had to end it then. The fight was close but Beastcoast managed to find the break they needed and ended the match.

In the Upper Bracket Finals, they faced Thunder Awaken, the other team that had beaten them in the regular season. They were able to grab the win in the first game. Thunder Awaken tied the series in the next game to bring the match to a deciding third game. The third was all about Beastcoast who secured a spot in the Finals.

For the Championship

In the Grand Final, Beastcoast would again meet Infamous. The first game was driven by Beastcoast who ended the game in under 25 minutes. For the second game, Infamous took the reins and got a 5–0 lead. It reached a point where total kills for Infamous breached 50 kills while Beastcoast had 30. The turning point was when Infamous decided to use smoke and attempt a wrap-around. That failed and allowed Beastcoast to go after the last set of towers and barracks. Infamous had no choice but to call it GG and give Beastcoast a 2–0 lead. With one win away from the championship, Beastcoast didn’t let up and finished the third game in under 30 minutes.

The win has resulted in Beastcoast getting the highest DPC points in the region.

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