Dota 2 Pro Circuit App Released For iOS, Android

Prediction feature allows players to win shards.
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Dota Plus App
Dota Plus App Valve

Valve revealed that it has released the Dota Pro Circuit app for mobile phones. Available for both iOS and Android, this latest offering is projected to be the companion app of the company's Dota Plus.

While Dota 2 is a free game, Dota Plus is Valve's premium monthly subscription service for the game which costs $4 per month. The service comes with a number of features that include role-based matchmaking, hero progression, shards, and statistical analysis, among others. This service allows players to tip each other, and offers cosmetic item rewards. Subscribers also get extra rewards when purchasing Battle Passes.

This companion app allows users to predict winners of DPC matches and earn Shards for correct choices. Basically, it allows users to "wager" shards and win certain amounts if the "prediction" was correct. For example, the versus Chaos Esports Club match is scheduled for March 20, 11:30 AM, EST. A look at the app shows that the odds for VP vs. Chaos is 1:3.03. That means betting 10 shards that VP wins gets users 13 shards (with a VP win) while if you do the same for Chaos, that would be around 30.30 shards (with a Chaos win).

It should be noted that since the items are free, the "Predictions" feature does not qualify as gambling. Valve has long been known to shy away from any gambling-related activities and even told Dota 2 teams in the past not to enter into any agreements with betting companies. This particular feature comes as a surprise, and has led to a number of inside jokes among the Dota 2 community.

It is not just about "Predictions," as the app offers users a lot more functionality. Users have the ability to customize their news feed. By tagging their favorite Dota 2 team, users see news related to that team on their News Feed. Real-time updates for ongoing matches are displayed along with any roster changes. As of this writing, the app shows that Team Secret has won its first match against Infamous 27-11. The app also shows what heroes were picked and banned. It even tells users that for this match, Michal "Nisha" Jankowski's Morphling had 7 kills and zero deaths.

There is also a "Fantasy" feature where users can build their own teams and earn points.

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