Dota 2: Ogre Magi Now a Strength Hero, His Intelligence Always Zero

Arc Warden now comes out with a better duplicate.
Hittin' stuff is fun.
Hittin' stuff is fun. Valve

Every time a new update is released in Dota 2, it is accompanied by hero balancing changes. So, It's no different with the New Frontiers update, but some heroes are fortunate to get a rework and new abilities.

Clinkz can now summon skeletons while Arc Warden can create clones of better versions of himself. Though, in our opinion, the highlight is the Ogre Magi rework.

Dumb Ways to Die

Despite having Strength, Ogre Magi is categorized as an Intelligence hero. But in the latest update, this hero has been found too dumb to be an Intelligence hero. So dumb that his Intelligence is always zero, always. That’s why he’s now a Strength hero, finally.

This actually works to his favor with his new innate ability called Dumb Luck. It gives Ogre Magi six points of maximum mana along with a 0.03 mana regeneration per point of Strength. In addition, for each 20 points of Strength, it increases the Multicast Cast Chance by 1%. By the way, this only affects multipliers that are 0% which means the 4x Cast Chance won't be triggered on level 1.

A Better Version

While Ogre Magi may seem to have drawn the short end of the stick, Arc Warden is surely happy. That's because the abilities of the Tempest Double are replaced with Tempest versions of Arc Warden's abilities, and they’re even better. The Tempest version of Flux deals higher damage while the Spark Wraith has a shorter activation delay.

Other Reworks

  • Clinkz
    • Highlight: His Death Pact is now a basic ability and can create a Burning Skeleton Archers in place of a killed creep.
  • Medusa
    • Highlight: Her base strength is now zero but she immediately has level 1 Mana Shield. This passive ability absorbs 98% of incoming damage in exchange for mana. This same ability also increases the base mana for each level.
  • Alchemist
    • Highlight: Greevil's Greed is now an innate ability.

Don’t forget to check out our summary of the changes that arrived in this new update. Get Dota 2 for PC on Steam now.

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