Dota 2 Nerfs Magnus and Tiny in Patch 7.30e

Guess who got nerfed?
Guess who got nerfed? Twitter/@wykrhm

A new update has been released for Dota 2, and it comes as no surprise with Magnus getting nerfed. After all, this was the hero that had a high win rate during the Playoffs of The International 10. It’s safe to say that this hero allowed Team Spirit to hoist the Aegis.

Before we look into how Magnus was nerfed, there’s one important item change we must say. The duration of the Rune stored has been lowered to 90 from 120 seconds. Like the nerf on Magnus, this isn’t a surprise considering how players were making use of the Bottle.

Of course, the biggest thing that arrived in the new patch is the new hero Marci. You can read more about her here.

Hero Material

For Magnus, two of his abilities have been nerfed. The first is Skewer whose range has been lowered from 900/1000/1100/1200 to 900/975/1050/1125. Horn Toss has been nerfed as well with the changes being:

  • Shard now applies a 100% MS and 100 AS slow to targets instead of a stun. Duration is now 1.25 from 0.75.

  • Shard damage is now done at the start rather than the end.

While this does weaken Magnus, it’s likely that players can continue to pick this hero. That’s because as shown by Team Spirit, Magnus can determine when and where team fights happen.

Save the Trees

Another that got nerfed, and had a rather strong presence in TI10, was Tiny. His “tree-related” abilities have been affected. Tree Grab's building damage lowered from 90/120/150/180% to 70/100/130/160%. Meanwhile, Tree Throw has been nerfed to:

  • Unit bonus damage reduced from 25% to 20% (now matches Tree Grab values)

  • Splash now equals Tree Grab splash values (from 200% to 40/60/80/100%)

Those aren't the only things that changed for Tiny. One of his Level 15 Talents is now 20% Tree Grab Unit Damage instead of +30%.

Going over the list of changes made to heroes, there’s no question that most are nerfs. The same can be said for the majority of item changes.

Read the complete list of changes here.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the changes?

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