Marci Coming to Dota 2 This Fall

A new hero is coming soon.
A new hero is coming soon. Twitter/@wykrhm

The International isn’t just about battles between the best Dota 2 teams in the world. It’s also a time when Valve gives everyone a peek into what’s coming to the game. At this year’s The International 10, it’s been revealed that a new hero is joining the battle for the Ancients. It’s none other than Marci.

Unlike the other heroes introduced to the game, Marci’s path is a bit different. A lot of fans already know who this new hero is. This is because she was in the animated Netflix show Dota: Dragon’s Blood. While the main story focuses on the Dragon Knight Davion, there’s also a part about the exiled Princess Mirana. Mirana, for her part, is accompanied by her mute bodyguard Marci. Despite only having a few scenes, Marci became a fan-favorite and it’s mainly because of how strong she is.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

Apart from the fact that Marci is joining the fight this fall, not much is known about this hero. Based on the trailer, it seems that she’s going to be a melee hero. She also has some kind of ability where she can summon flames on her hand.

Regardless of what her final abilities could be, many in the Dota 2 community are hoping for one thing and that is Marci is a carry hero.

Dragon’s Blood

Speaking of the animated series, it was confirmed during TI10 that a Season 2 for the series is coming. The wait won’t be that long since it’s dropping in Netflix this January 2022.

For those not following the series, Season 1 ended with Selemene fighting Terrorblade. We also saw Mirana preparing to make a return to her noble position. Meanwhile, Davion has been captured by his former allies, the Dragon Knights.

So what can we expect for Season 2? A lot of fans were pretty much excited when the trailer showed that Lina the Slayer is going to be part of the story. Then again, it’s not surprising considering that one of her Abilities is known as Dragon Slave. This also brings in a lot of questions like are we going to see her elder sister Rylai the Crystal Maiden?

What about you? What are your thoughts on these two reveals?

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