Dota 2 Guide - Understanding The Importance Of Creep-Aggro

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Creep-agro is one of the many in-game mechanics players need to master in order to better their plays.
Creep-agro is one of the many in-game mechanics players need to master in order to better their plays. Valve

Dota 2 is a game that introduces a variety of mechanics, each of which offer a different type of benefit. Some are purely for fun while others are meant to improve your gameplay experience. The concept of creep-aggro is not entirely new, but only few players tend to take advantage of its existence.

What Is Creep-Aggro?

In essence, creep-aggro is when enemy creeps stop attacking the ally creeps as they shift to attack the hero or player instead. This tends to happen when you either click the enemy hero or issue an attack command. In order for this to happen, the enemy creeps must be in the accepted acquisition range. For melee creeps, they have to be at a 500 range; whereas the ranged creeps must be at a 600 range. Keep in mind, too, that creep-aggro has a cooldown of at least three seconds.

So, Why Is Creep-Aggro Important?

If you really want to improve in playing Dota 2 and become much better, then you should consider mastering creep-aggro. It is one of the most beneficial skills out there that can help you big time right off the bat.

Creep-aggro helps you win your lanes irrespective of your last hitting skills or weak trading knowledge. The process involved here, in case you did not know, somehow ignores the composition of the lane match up. In other words, it does not matter which hero you are using and which one you are facing against. The key is to take advantage of creep-aggro, allowing you to secure last hits and get those crucial denies even when you are in a very bad lane match-up.

Advantages of Creep-Aggro

Even when you are in a bad lane match up in Dota 2, creep-aggro makes sure that you are able to last hit and deny. It even avoids harassment from your enemy heroes in the lane, allowing you to gain more sustainability. What is more, you can harass your opponents without taking any damage in the lane from creeps.

It is important to note, though, that you should not have go for creep-aggro every time. If you are doing it at the expense of obtaining significant damage, then stop. You are only putting yourself at the risk of dying. Sure, there is no doubt that creep-aggro is great and allows you to gain positive results, but there are times when it can only get you into trouble.

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