Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 1 CN: iG, Team Aster, and VG Likely Going to SG Major

See what's happening in the China region.
See what's happening in the China region. Valve

There’s still a week of matches left in China for the Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 1. However, we do have an idea of which teams so far are guaranteed of going to the Singapore Major. It’s Invictus Gaming that currently sits at the top with a 6–0 record, and followed by Team Aster and Vici Gaming, both having 5–1 records.

With four slots allotted for the region, that means the three teams mentioned are sure to play in the first Major since the pandemic. The only question now is, which gets what position?

Playoffs and Group Stage

For China, the four spots are one for Major Playoffs, one for Major Group Stage, and two for Major Wild Cards.

Let’s start with Vici Gaming. The team is going against PSG.LGD on March 12. If VG loses, they no longer have a chance for a Playoffs position. However, they still can fight for the Group Stage position. But this depends on what happens in between iG and Aster, which is the last match of the region.

Now in the iG versus Aster match, if iG wins then it automatically gets the Playoffs spot. If iG loses and VG wins, then it will be interesting since it results in a three-way tie. If this happens, the three teams all have the chance to get the Playoffs spot.

Overall, we’re going to have to wait for what happens until everything is over.


Another interesting thing to see is who gets the final position, which is the second Wildcard spot for the SG Major. Based on the results so far, it looks like it’s going to be a fight between Elephant and PSG.LGD. Whoever wins their respective match gets that sweet spot.

If both teams win, they may have to go for a tie-breaker to see who goes to Singapore.

Lower Division

It appears that LBZS is headed to the Lower Division for Season 2. Joining them is either EHOME or Team MagMa. Looking at the remaining matches, it may be EHOME having the chance to stay in the Upper Division.

We say that because EHOME’s final match is against LBZS, a team that has yet to win, not just a match but actual games. MagMa, meanwhile, will fight against Elephant.

What about you? Do you think iG is sure to get the Playoffs spot?

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