Dota 2 DPC 2021 S1 CIS: and Natus Vincere Guaranteed Spots at Singapore Major

A sick use of Huskar.
A sick use of Huskar. ESL One

With just a week left into Season 1 of the Dota 2 DPC 2021, and Natus Vincere are guaranteed to join the upcoming Singapore Major. The only question that remains is what their placements are, which will determine their match.

The Top Two

It’s no question that both VP and Na’Vi are sitting on the top spots. They have managed to show good performance last year and held it with the best of what Europe has to offer. For this region, it showed why they belong to the top.

Still, VP lost a match. It had swept most of its opponents except Team Spirit, which managed to take their match to Game 3.

One of the team’s highlights was its match against NoTechies. In Game 2 of that match, VP picked a position 4 Huskar who mainly jungled. So what happened? Not only was VP able to get Roshan in around 10 minutes but NoTechies had to give up and call it GG in 15 minutes.

Na’Vi also had the same showing and got a winning streak. But they did face a roadblock and even experienced their first loss. Guess which team? It’s none other than Spirit. The same team that managed to give VP its first game loss.

Final Match

The final match in the region will be these two giants going head-to-head against each other. Had Na’Vi won against Spirit, the winner of the match against VP would be the one getting the Playoff spot at the Singapore Major, and things were a bit different.

If VP wins, then it takes the Playoff spot with Na’Vi settling in for the Group Stage position. If Na’Vi wins, things become a bit interesting. Na’Vi winning means both teams get a 6–1 standing and a tiebreaker match is a must. If that happens, it’s certainly good news for Dota 2 fans who get to watch another spectacular match.

Lower Division

So far it’s only NoTechies set to be relegated to the Lower Division. Team Empire still has a chance to remain in the Upper Division if Team Unique loses and Empire wins their tiebreaker match.

Who’s your pick for the CIS region? Is it VP or Na’Vi?

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