Dota 2 Arlington Major: It's PSG.LGD vs. Team Spirit in Upper Bracket Final

A TI10 rematch.
A TI10 rematch. Twitter/@pglesports

Things are getting even more exciting at the ongoing Dota 2 Arlington Major. After three days of competition, we now know who has a shot at the Grand Final. The Upper Bracket Final is going to be PSG.LGD against Team Spirit, a sort of The International 10 rematch.

Those who can remember at TI10 knew that PSG.LGD bulldozed their way to the Grand Final by dominating their opponents. Spirit, meanwhile, had to work their way from the Lower Bracket. Eventually, it was Spirit that held the Aegis after an exciting match.

While their upcoming match may not have the excitement similar to what happened in TI10, it’s still worth watching. That’s because it could be a preview of what may happen in The International 2022. It’s also possible that the two teams could meet again in the Grand Final.

Meeting Again

PSG.LGD is showing just how ready they are with an impressive performance. During the Group Stage, they only lost one of 16 total games. In the Playoffs, they beat BOOM and OG to reach the Upper Bracket Final.

Spirit, meanwhile, managed to finish among the top four teams in Group B. In its next set of matches, the team was able to defeat Outsiders and later Team Aster.

Who's the Third Wheel?

We've been talking about PSG.LGD and Spirit but there's another team heading to the Lower Bracket Final. This Dota 2 team will fight whoever loses in the match between PSG.LGD and Spirit.

If we have to pick, it's likely either OG or Team Aster. OG has been doing well so far, despite Mikhail "Misha" Agatov not being able to play and having Sébastien "Ceb" Debs as a stand-in. Aster, on the other hand, ended Group Stage by placing first in Group B; they're also hungry for a championship.

Teams Remaining

From the 17 teams that initially joined the tournament, only eight teams remain. Of these teams, it's Entity that does not have a direct invite to this year's The International. Even if Entity does win the tournament, they still won't have enough points.

What do you think? Enjoying the Arlington Major so far? Dota 2 is available on PC.

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