Dorfromantik: Patch 0.5 Increases the Chance of Getting More Useful Tiles

Dorfromantik Patch 0.5
Dorfromantik Patch 0.5 Steam

The peaceful building strategy puzzle game Dorfromantik has received a new update recently. Patch 0.5 implements a major change wherein the chance of you getting generally useful tiles is higher than before. In addition, lake variants are now more likely to spawn, and Water Train Stations’ spawn frequency gradually decreases as the game goes on.

Dorfromantik is a puzzle game where each tile is procedurally generated. In other words, every tile you get is unique. Basically, you play this game by rotating and placing the tiles on vacant slots until you create beautiful villages, forests, or bodies of water. As you can tell, this update just makes it easier for you to produce something remarkable.

Aside from that, most in-game actions can now be controlled using a gamepad. This includes tile slot selection, tile placement, and camera controls. However, certain functions like menu navigation, gamepad key remapping, and quest edge highlighting are not yet implemented at this time.

Patch Notes

  • Unified Quest difficulty across different quest types (e.g. it now should be just as difficult to complete a field quest as a forest quest)
  • Fixed an issue that caused "mirrored" versions of a tile to appear less frequent than the non-mirrored variant. Now all variations (with the same segments on them but rotated differently) should spawn with an equal probability
  • The first 5 tiles of a game will now always have one or two empty edges so they will never be incompatible with the empty starting tile
  • Click on quests markers when highlighting offscreen quests (by pressing "H") to move the camera towards them
  • Added Undo functionality to classic mode
  • Added flag quests for water and train groups
  • Added 2A lake (lake occupying two sides of a tile)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause boats to get stuck in a Water Train Station
  • Fixed an issue that caused lake corners to flicker due to overlapping corner meshes
  • Save game preview images are now loaded when the save game selection screen is opened instead of when the game starts, improving loading times when you have many save games
  • Reward images are now also pre-rendered instead of being generated on start, improving loading time
  • Improved tile stack animation behavior
  • Added "Current Score" to the stats screen
  • When completing a higher level of Analyst or Planner, all previous levels will be completed as well
  • Deleting a save game no longer deletes its .bac (backup) file
  • .bac files are no longer synced with the Steam Cloud
  • Updated the translation files for many languages
  • Various Fixes for Chinese texts to be displayed correctly

Dorfromantik Patch 0.5 is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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