Dorfromantik Patch 0.13: Performance Boost and Bug Fixes

Dorfromantik Steam

Dorfromantik got an update that improved game performance and fixed bugs.

Players can receive a performance boost of up to 300% as the developers improve various aspects of the game. Additionally, the developers have implemented a reporting system for game crashes. This is used to locate, reproduce, and fix bugs easier in the future.

Dorfromantik Patch 0.13

  • Added complete keyboard controls rebinding
  • Upgraded to a new input system, allowing for controller and other input devices in the future
  • Added setting to disable dynamic background color. Disabling this will prevent the background color from changing when moving through your world.
  • Water Train Stations and lakes now count empty/grass edges as fitting neighbors (counting towards a perfect placement)
  • Water Train Stations and lakes now only give points for fitting edges
  • Champion and True Fan challenges are now passive - they always run in the background and trigger when completed, without them needing to be selected as an active challenge
  • Replaced "Game Over" text with more friendly "Session Completed"
Performance Improvements
  • Decreased texture memory size that is used for buildings
  • Improved water shader performance
Steam Features
  • Added cloud save to store reward progress, challenges and the autosaved world in the Steam Cloud
Bug Fixes
  • Synchronized rewards & challenges data to prevent issues of boats, trains, and other quest tiles not being spawned after their challenge was completed
  • Fixed Bug that occurred in the tutorial when a quest was failed
  • Fixed tile duplication bug when quitting the game while a tile is previewed
  • Fixed challenge fulfilled effects sometimes triggering twice
  • Fixed settings language dropdown items order Segments no longer keep references to other segments that aren't directly connected to them, which could cause wrong vehicle behavior
  • Fixed bug that caused inactive Challenges to trigger while playing the Tutorial
  • Fixed issue where game could stuck when rotating or previewing a tile at a location where multiple of its segments connect to the same element group
  • Fixed a bug where loading a game would cause preplaced tiles to be created twice, causing issues like overlapping preplaced tiles or them not being connected properly
  • Fixed an issue where preplaced tiles would not appear when loading big worlds or cause other wrong behavior

You can read more about the update here.

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