Doom Eternal Update 1 Adds Empowered Demons And Better Swimming

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Doom Eternal may be a single-player focused game, but that’s not going to stop Id Software from supporting the game with post-launch updates. The game indeed has multiplayer, but that’s not the primary point of focus. The developers have revealed information about their upcoming Update 1. The future update will make some crucial changes to Doom Eternal in the hopes that it will retain the player base.

Update 1 will introduce Empowered Demons in the game. This is a new mechanic where an NPC demon who killed the Slayer will be transported to another player’s game. The NPC demon will be buffed, stronger, and more dangerous. However, killing it will give Doom Slayers a massive XP boost along with tons of ammo and health. Looks like you will be cursing someone else for your tough game. I am interested in whether there will be empowered Marauders or not. Now that would be both fun and frustrating.

A few aspects of the campaign will be improved as well. There will be better demon tutorials, better swimming, and less toxic waste damage. Swimming needed to be improved as the current mechanics don't exactly sit well with the game.

BattleMode will also receive some massive changes. We are getting a new anti-cheat system called Denovo Anti-cheat. Denuvo DRM has been quite successful and effective (for the most part). It will be fun to see whether the Anti-Cheat gets the same result or not. MP will also get a better tutorial and further leveling for players that already reached Max level. Death Report will also be added so that you can check out your performance.

BattleMode is more fun with your friends. The upcoming update will finally let you make a friend list. You can use the Account ID on to make a friend list so that it will be easier for you and your pals to get in a lobby together.

That’s not all, as Doom Eternal is also getting two single-player expansion packs. The first upcoming expansion pack will release later and is not a part of Update 1. Developers at Id have revealed two screenshots of the first expansion pack. More info about the DLCs will be revealed soon.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Or are you waiting for the single-player expansion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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