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DOOM is all about ripping and tearing through hordes of demons with big guns and in unimaginable ways. While DOOM Eternal flung the DOOM fans into a more refined DOOM experience, the game definitely lacked a highly requested and anticipated feature: the horde mode. Instead, upon the game's release in 2020, Id Software stated that the game will feature an invasion multiplayer mode sometime in the future. Now, it seems that the developer is closing the curtains of the Invasion Mode and replacing it with the Horde Mode.

If you've been a die-hard DOOM fan, you know the game could use such mode. Though unofficial, the wish for a Horde Mode was granted by the modder Proteh. Unfortunately, the mod required a lot of steps to get it up and running and was only available to PC. But with the official horde coming to the game, players across all platforms can finally enjoy the much-anticipated gaming experience.

DOOM Eternal Executive Producer Marty Stratton posted earlier today that acknowledged the first anniversary of DOOM Eternal last March this year. Within that time, the game has already received two expansions. Stratton also attributed the cancelation of the Invasion Mode to the ongoing pandemic and the impact of working remotely has had on the game's development. He further stated that the developers have been listening to the players' feedback and recognize how much they enjoy the combat in the base game, expansions, and Master levels. Therefore, the team has decided to focus their attention on a new direction and to the new single-player Horde Mode. Additionally, the team is also focused on refreshing the Battle Mode to make it more competitive and give it a rank-based structure. More information on the Horde Mode and BATTLEMODE can be expected in the upcoming QuakeCon event in August.

DOOM Eternal is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Stay tuned for more DOOM news.

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