Doom Eternal Gameplay Footage On Google Stadia Reemerges

It's a bit worrying though, to be honest.
Doom Eternal will be playable on the upcoming Google Stadia.
Doom Eternal will be playable on the upcoming Google Stadia. Bethesda

Doom Eternal will arrive later this year, and the hype for it is reaching new heights. Across all major platforms, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Doom will feature the Doomguy once again, this time his never-ending war with hell and demons reaching Earth.

For those lucky enough to be attending QuakeCon this year, attendees of the event will be the first ever to get their hands-on Doom Eternal. This is all to celebrate what they are calling the ‘Year of Doom,’ which celebrates the franchise’s 25th year in the business.

To add to the already building momentum, fans have begun scrounging up whatever footage that makes its way to the internet. This is perhaps why a video that debuted during GDC earlier this year is gaining traction. It turns out that there is some gameplay footage buried underneath the conference, which shows off Doom Eternal running on Google Stadia, the upcoming game service to be provided by the tech and software giant.

The footage emerged from ResetEra, when it was highlighted by user vestan. You can check out the footage below, timestamped at around the 40:32 mark.

The footage debuted here certainly looks.. interesting. It’s slower than what was shown in the past gameplay videos, and there seems to be some weird jank whenever the player turns his aim. I can say with some certainty that this is due to the input lag of Stadia throwing off the player debuting the demo. Let’s face it, this is actually what was bound to happen with streaming such a high-fidelity graphical title at 1080p and 60 frames per second. The second explanation might be due to playing the first-person shooter on a controller by someone who doesn’t have much experience in games, which occurs more commonly than one may think. What’s scary is a possible third explanation, which is that Doomguy’s move speed in Doom Eternal is nerfed significantly, making the game feel more sluggish as a result. In that case, please don’t let it be true.

Fans can likely expect some new Doom Eternal footage straight from Bethesda once QuakeCon arrives.

Doom Eternal is set to launch later this year for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia later this year.

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