Don't Go Adventuring Alone as Len's Island Introduces Animal Companions

A new way to go on an adventure. Flow Studio

Going on an adventure in Len's Island just became even more fun. That's because the new Companions and Languages update introduces what can be described as a truly heartwarming content. Get ready for new animal companions, which is sure to make the gameplay that much livelier.

Having animal companions is actually one of the most highly requested features since the game was in early development. With this, players can tame their very own animals like dog, cat, wolf, and even tiger. Even better is that each one comes with their own special abilities. To get started, players can head to the first dungeon where they can find a dog that can be easily tamed.

To tame animals, players need what's known as a bait box. Once tamed, cat and dog companions for example can help players get some much-needed resources. This makes them truly good companions especially when collecting wood and mining. Meanwhile, the wolf and tiger can provide assistance during combat. Of course, to make sure that the new companions are happy, players need to provide kennels and beds, a wide range of which is available courtesy of the build menu.

Talking about his latest update, Flow Studio Founder Julian Ball shared in a statement that when they launch the Kickstarter for the game, they were lucky enough to have been able to reach the extended goal for pets. Since then, he added that they've wanted to introduce this feature in the game and glad that they "took the time to thoughtfully implement companions."

New Decor

In addition to new animal companions, players can also look forward to getting their hands on a wide range of new collectible decor. It's been scattered all around making it one exciting scavenger hunt. The collection includes furniture, lighting, and ornaments, all of which are perfect when it comes to decorating the home. However, these treasures won't be easily found. With the adventurer's hat though, they'll get an ability which highlights these treasures on a map when they are close.


The studio also announced that they've released the first round of the localization. That means that game can now be played in five different languages which are Spanish, German, Thai, Simplified Chinese and English. This selection of languages is planned to be expanded over time throughout the game' development.

Len's Island is available for the PC through Steam. This is also a good time to get the game since it's being offered at 40% off until January 5.

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