Battle Realms Arriving To Steam Early Access On November 25

Arriving to Steam.
Arriving to Steam. Liquid Entertainment

Battle Realms fans of the world, unite! It appears that this real-time strategy is ready to make a comeback. This news was announced by official Battle Realms Community Manager KoMiKoZa through a Facebook post.

According to KoMiKoZa, Battle Realms is arriving to Steam (via Early Access) this November 25. That's right, it's going to be in two weeks. That's not all, as the game also comes packed with a fully functional online multiplayer mode.

KoMiKoZa shared that the developers "have been working on this for a very long time and have gone through a lot of complications." He added that while there are those who may not be that excited about the original game arriving to Steam, this is not a re-release like it was with GOG. This version is going to start out as an Early Access title and, as long as there's support from fans, it is going to receive updates and improvements.

Meanwhile the Steam store page for Battle Realms is still being reviewed, so it's not going to be visible for quite some time. The website also should be live soon. For the meantime, fans can follow the news and help spread the word.

Battle Realms is a RTS game created by Liquid Entertainment and was originally released back in 2001. An expansion pack, Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf, was released a year later.

The main gameplay in Battle Realms is similar to other RTS games, but it also offers something new. Its basic worker units, which are the peasants, are the ones used for resource gathering as well as construction. However, peasants also serve as base units that can be upgraded to military units. While peasant are produced at no cost, the rate of production is inversely proportional to the current population of the army. What this means is that the more units a player has, the slower the peasants are produced.

Upon release, Battle Realms was mainly met with positive reception with many praising the good gameplay as well as the animations and graphics. Criticisms focused mainly on the fact that it wasn't that different from the other RTS games of the time and that the AI didn't stand out.

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