Donkey Kong Country Swings Its Way To Nintendo Switch Online This Month

Two other games offered.
Enjoy these new offerings.
Enjoy these new offerings. Nintendo

The classic Super NES game Donkey Kong Country is all set to make its way to the Nintendo Switch system. Players that have a Nintendo Switch Online membership get to join Donkey Kong, along with his pal Diddy Kong, as they explore jungles, ride rollicking mine carts, and climb snowcapped mountains. All of this to hunt the missing bananas from a gang of Kremlins. The gang is set to officially arrive on July 15.

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service for the Switch console. The service offers a lot of features that include online multiplayer, cloud saving, and voice chat. In addition to other promotions and offers, the service also gives members access to a library of games from both the NES and SNES. As of January 2020, the service has at least 15 million subscribers.

This paid online service is also an excellent way for players to connect and play compatible game online with friends and family, wherever they may be in the world. Players can visit a friend’s island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons or invite them to visit their own. Other online play available includes Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Tetris 99, among many others.

Talking about games, it’s not only Donkey Kong Country that’s arriving to the service this month. Also from the SNES, Natsume Championship Wrestling is arriving. In the game, players get to choose from a selection of 12 outrageous wrestlers and bring on the pain. The game comes with a robust grappling system and offers more than 50 moves to master. For those not familiar with this one, the game was considered the most realistic wrestling game of the 16-bit era. Players can go against AI or two players can take part in tag team, round robin, and exhibition matches.

Arriving as well for players to try out is the NES game The Immortal. For this game, players need to grab their Wizard’s Pack and take on quests as they explore the Labyrinth of Eternity. Players will solve puzzles, avoid deathtraps, and use magic spells. In order to survive the dangers of the labyrinth, players need to get different items. It’s not that easy though as some items can bring instant death if not used correctly.

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