Dome Keeper Starts Season 4 with a Bang, Adding New Modifier to Prestige Mode

Re-Assessor Update Steam

Are you having a blast playing the Dome Keeper? Well, it received a new patch recently that not only reworked the Assessor, but also added a bunch of new stuff to Prestige Mode that makes it even more fun and challenging!

Prestige Mode in Dome Keeper is a game mode where the main objective is to score as many points as possible by sending some resources home and surviving endless hordes of enemies.

The recent Re-Assessor update brought new stuff to start Season 4 of Prestige Mode with a bang. Most notably, a new modifier called "Pro Mode" has been added that gives you the power to choose an order of caves and gadgets before you start a run. This lets you avoid unproductive repetitions so you can enjoy the game the way you want it right off the bat.

Back then, you had to restart your Prestige runs a number of times before your desired gadget and cave combination would show up. With Pro Mode, you have full control over which gadgets and caves pop up during your run, saving time and giving you plenty of enjoyment!

Before you can use Pro Mode, however, you must unlock it by getting the achievement of winning Prestige with 1,000 score points. This means that you have to endure the entire process first before things get better. But hey, at least you'll gain some valuable experience when doing so!

You can find the other things added to Prestige Mode, as well as other noteworthy changes in the Re-Assessor update below:


  • All highscores can now be seen on the title screen. This panel can be hidden if it bothers you.
  • Added upgrade to lower time until the next wave, to get rid of joyless waiting after you mined the whole map. Everything is sped up, including the converter, mineral tree and shield.


  • Drillbert mode can now be unlocked as a regular run modifier!
  • Reduced blast mining upgrade cost, increased last stage blast radius and lowered initial production time.
  • Teleporter will now just stabilize instead of trying to float back to the position it was dropped at.


  • Added button to show all relevant previous tutorials in the pause menu
  • Rebalanced cobalt distribution across all maps. Previously it was pretty much equally spaced out, but now it gets more sparse the deeper you go, to compensate for how your mining ability gets more powerful.

Dome Keeper Re-Assessor update is available on PC.

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