Dome Keeper: Patch 3 Fixes Cheat Detection System Issue and More

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Dome Keeper is a 2D mining roguelike where you defend the titular dome from aliens and mine some resources in between waves.

Developer Bippinbits launched Patch 3 for Dome Keeper recently, which implemented changes and bug fixes.

The issue with the game’s cheat detection system having plenty of false positives has been resolved. While the problem is addressed, this bug fix may lead to your old high scores being erased as they’ve been falsely flagged by the system. Hopefully, this will no longer happen from now on.

For changes, the “Double Iron” run modifier is added for Relic Hunts to make them a bit more challenging. This modifier doubles the amount of iron you receive, as well as the iron cost of upgrades.

Furthermore, Dome Keeper immediately switches to larger font sizes when you’re playing it on Steam Deck.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed big ticks going into a state of being stunned and invincible, when caught in an orchard root while burrowing
  • Fixed stun laser trying to rotate underneath the dome
  • Fixed maze and long cycle modifier being incompatible
  • Memory upgrade of the probe is now not exclusive to the other higher-tier upgrades
  • changed condenser code slightly, possible fixing an issue with it stopping production
  • Possibly fixed teleporter teleporting to the same place where it started
  • Pet will now not wildly jump positions if out of sight
  • Controller vibration will now only happen if a controller is actually used
  • Fixed orchard and repellent charging up in the initial grace period, where no monsters spawn
  • Reduced number of monsters that can be on screen at the same time, more so for the hardest difficulty
  • Punishers are much more effective now, and won't trigger when not intended
  • Fixed controller not vibrating, if any given vibration would go over 100%
  • Focus continue button in the main menu, if it is available
  • Increased the density spread, so more tiles belong to the extreme hardness stages
  • Increased difference between hardness 2 and 3, raised hardness 5 a bit and lowered progression between biomes slightly
  • Fixed map being cut off when zoomed out in 16:10
  • Changed font for hungarian
  • Prestige scores of 0 won't be uploaded anymore
  • Fixed mode button not switching correctly to the button left of it, for some languages
  • Reduced drillbert drill upgrade costs a bit

Dome Keeper Patch 3 is available on PC.

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