Dome Keeper: Springloaded Update Features Three New Gadgets and More

Springloaded Update
Springloaded Update Twitter/@DomeKeeper

Developers of the roguelike survival mining game Dome Keeper delivered one of the game’s best patches yet. The Springloaded update adds tons of new content and upgrades that will surely improve your gameplay experience.

New Gadgets

Three new gadgets are added in the Dome Keeper Springloaded update. The first is called spire - a defensive gadget that you can deploy outside of your dome to deal with monster projectiles.

The second is the Autocannon. This behaves pretty much like the Stun Laser but it deals considerably more damage. The Autocannon is best deployed if you need more firepower against alien waves.

And lastly, the Prospection Meter is a new mining gadget that shows you the distance to nearest resources. This is pretty useful when you are looking for precious minerals like Cobalt.

You can find other gadget changes below:

  • Probe can now detect caves and chambers
  • All primary gadgets got rebalanced, especially their battle abilities
    • Orchard shield and roots now persist between waves
    • Shield got more hp and reflection and electro blast got big buffs
    • Repellent wither now does not flat out reduce HP from all monsters, but makes monsters take much more damage while it lasts
  • Drillbert
    • Drillbert and Drilliam are now much better at drilling and the upgrade branch is now changed slightly
    • Added an upgrade for Drillbert which shows you the direction to Drillbert, when carrying a treat
    • Drillbert is now scared when monsters come instead of going to sleep, to better show the difference between the two states

New Upgrades

Dome Keeper’s latest patch includes new upgrades as well. One of the most significant is that domes now have an auto-heal upgrade. When you take this, the dome will heal itself if it’s about to be destroyed, provided that you have some Cobalt left in your inventory.

Here are the other upgrades included in this update:

  • Domes now have a wave warner upgrade, that will let you know when it’s about time to head back to the dome because a wave approaches
  • Domes now have an upgrade that shows you the shortest way back to the dome. The shortest might not always be the fastest, but you can’t get lost this way
  • Added telemetry, which helps us balance the game and focus on the things that will improve it the most. Telemetry means capturing some in-game events and sending them to us, so we can better understand how you play. For example, we can see how often each upgrade is bought, and thus can buff upgrades that are rarely used
  • Added the option to manually choose gamepad icons in-menu (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo). Controllers are often detected as generic devices, so your operating system cannot detect that it is a PS4 controller, for example - and thus

Dome Keeper Springloaded update is available on PC.

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