Does Bungie Plan to Delete New Exotic Quest in Destiny 2 in Two Months' Time?

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It is true that the developers have planned to put a stop to its content vaulting plans for Destiny 2. That they would no longer vault any more of the game’s expansions – a decision made after already axing two DLCs, the Forsaken expansion, and even the vanilla base game. Despite this, players are still left wondering about what Bungie actually means by the said decision.

Just recently, the studio released a brand-new exotic quest to the game called Operation Seraph’s Shield. It is a Deep Stone Crypt-like mission packed with tons of stuff, such as secrets, puzzles, and combats. All these are unlockable week to week as players try to complete and assemble a new exotic known as Revision Zero. While this mission can be soloed, players have the option to go for a Legend difficulty if they want a more challenging gameplay. Of course, it is a satisfying mission especially since it gives players a new incentive to play the game.

There is a catch though. There is a possibility that Bungie will axe it from Destiny 2 in two months’ time. Yikes. Let's look into why the studio could potentially decide to cull Operation Seraph’s Shield.

Without a doubt, Bungie is committed to steering clear from content vaulting entire expansions in hopes of trimming the game and saving space. However, this decision will not apply to any seasonal content. Remember when the studio was fond of deleting content after a season ended? That has now dramatically changed to once a year.

The next seasonal expansion is called Lightfall, arriving in two months (February 28, 2023). But once it goes live, there’s the chance that the quest would be culled. After that, everything is deleted as seasonal content will not come back out of the content vault.

Although it may sound a bit off, it is not entirely bad and makes more sense to remove much of the seasonal Destiny 2 content. Besides, who wants to keep playing Nightmare Containment or even Season of the Worthy’s Seraph Towers after years have passed? Some of Bungie's special missions, however, are usually tied to exotics and some of the best PvE content in the game.

The studio has also revealed how they can remove old areas from their much larger content. A perfect example would be the Tangled Shore Lost Sectors which Bungie used as Pirate hideouts. Operation Seraph Shield, on the other hand, has its own dedicated space station. So, in theory, the studio should be less complicated to save.

Bungie has shown to be willing to compromise in the past though, especially when it comes to saving seasonal content. Back then, they decided to add Chosen Battlegrounds to the Vanguard playlist. In the case of Operation Seraph’s Shield, it is almost unbelievable for the studio to remove it just after two months. It has been nothing but brilliant work, something fans can all agree on. Still, the studio has also shown that they can be relentless in deleting content, even if it is one of the best ones out there. Operation Seraph Shield should be saved and, if possible, the developers could restore some of the best content they have removed from the game.

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