‘Doctor Strange’ Movie Updates Coming To Marvel Games In October

doctor strange marvel heroes
A slew of 'Doctor Strange' movie content is coming to Marvel's games Marvel Games

With the Doctor Strange film coming to theaters in November, the gamut of Marvel mobile and PC titles will be getting updates based on the film and comics.

Starting Oct. 26, Doctor Strange and the characters associated with the Master of the Mystic Arts will be coming to Contest of Champions, Marvel Heroes 2016, Marvel Tsum Tsum, Future Fight, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Avengers Academy.

Marvel Creator Director of Games, Bill Roseman spoke about the updates and events at the Marvel Games Panel during New York Comic Con Thursday.

In Avengers Academy, a teenage Doctor Strange will make his debut in the social game.

Doctor Strange in 'Avengers Academy' Photo: Marvel Games

Future Fight will give Doctor Strange a new costume based on the film. Baron Mordo will get a movie costume while characters from Wang, the Ancient One and the Doctor Strange movie antagonist will be joining Marvel Future Fight beginning in late October.

doctor strange ff
Doctor Strange movie costume in 'Future Fight' Photo: Marvel Games
doctor strange characters ff
Some of the new content for 'Future Fight' Photo: Marvel Games

Marvel Heroes 2016 will also get a Doctor Strange movie-inspired costume for the character.

On the Puzzle Quest side, Doctor Strange and Kaecillus the Vengeful will be making their debuts to the match-3 game.

doctor strange pq
Doctor Strange content for Puzzle Quest Photo: Marvel Games

In Contest of Champions, Baron Mordo and Doctor Voodoo will make their debuts in the fighting mobile game.

And if you are wondering if other characters from the Doctor Strange movie will make an appearance, Roseman did say during the panel Q&A that there may be more content from the movie coming that hasn’t been announced so keep an eye out.

So what do you think of the upcoming Doctor Strange movie content for the Marvel Games? Let us know in the comments section below, which you are looking forward to the most.

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