‘Doctor Strange’: Feige Namedrops Dormammu, Is Villain Confirmed To Appear?

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Dormammu may appear in 'Doctor Strange' after all Capcom/Marvel

Despite its release date approaching quickly, not much is known about the upcoming Doctor Strange movie from Marvel Studios. However, many outlets visited the Doctor Strange set and came back with some interesting news.

Comicbook.com reports Dormammu, a classic (and arguably Strange’s greatest) villain will likely appear in Doctor Strange in some capacity.

When Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, was asked about the dimensions Doctor Strange will travel between, Feige offered some clarification.

"We're playing as much of the notion the multiverse as alien dimensions, for lack of a better term, than parallel realities," said Feige, "Where there's a [Doctor] Strange that wears Iron Man on them? We're not there yet."

While the comparison wasn’t made, the dimensions in Doctor Strange sound a lot like the different realms in the Thor movies.

So if Marvel fans are holding out for that sliver of hope that the Ultimate Universe (Hi, Miles Morales) can appear in a Marvel Studios film, they will have to wait. But Feige did namedrop the D-Man when he elaborated on his alien vs parallel dimensions argument.

"When comic book fans hear parallel dimensions or multiple dimensions, they think of Earth 616 and Earth 617 or Earth 618," Feige said. "That's all possible but what we're playing with in this world is that there are dimensions. That the other dimensions are not just parallel realities. Although some of them are but they a dark dimension, where Dormammu inhabits. There are dimensions that are so mind-bending that you can't barely perceive them. There are dimensions that ... That's where a lot of the Ditko images come from. They're dimensions that are just mind trips, that the human mind can barely fathom, which is why it's hard to turn them into something to show an audience in November."

While this isn’t an outright admission that Dormammu will show up as the big bad of the film, Feige bringing the character up without provocation seems to point toward the powerful interdimensional demon being the force behind Mads Mikkelsen’s character.

Doctor Strange will hit theaters Nov. 7.

So what do you think of Dormammu possibly showing up in Doctor Strange? Sound off in the comments section below.

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