DLSS 2.2 Reported to Reduce Ghosting in Games

It is eight minutes long!
It is eight minutes long! Sony

While the full release of DLSS 2.2 is underway, a popular YouTube channel has managed to test this new technology on multiple games to analyze improvements over DLSS 2.1. This has been possible by copying and pasting a newer DLSS library to a compatible game, which enables the technology.

A website also reported having implemented a similar method to have the newer DLSS version working on compatible games even though they don't officially support DLSS 2.2.

DLSS 2.1 was known to cause ghosting and blurring effects in games when moving the camera. However, it seems that DLSS 2.2 has solved the annoying ghosting issue.

The YouTuber carried out the DLSS 2.2 test on games including Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, and Metro Exodus. While it is possible to use the DLSS 2.2 library to DLSS compatible games, it is always worth waiting for an official release as incompatible versions may cause other artifacts or performance issues.

Using DLSS 2.1 in Cyberpunk 2077 caused major ghosting issues in textures, which have been drastically improved with DLSS 2.2.

Cyberpunk 2077 DLSS 2.2
Cyberpunk 2077 DLSS 2.2 Digital Foundry

Similarly, in Death Stranding visuals have been improved with DLSS 2.2 by reducing ghosting and smearing effects.

Death Stranding DLSS 2.2
Death Stranding DLSS 2.2 Digital Foundry

The same happens with Metro Exodus as well where the fences appeared sharper with DLSS 2.2 than its predecessor.

Metro Exodus DLSS 2.2
Metro Exodus DLSS 2.2 Digital Foundry

Although Nvidia is yet to make a DLSS 2.2 announcement, the technology is already available in multiple games. In an update for Rainbow Six Siege, Nvidia incorporated the DLSS 2.2 tech without making a single noise.

For a time, Nvidia had no competition for its DLSS tech. But AMD recently released the AMD FSR technology that works similar to DLSS. Still, FSR has a long way to go before producing the same level of results as DLSS. DLSS has been around for over two years now, and with a series of technical improvements, it is now capable of delivering spectacular image quality and as well as better performance.

Interested in more DLSS and AMD FSR news? Stay tuned to learn more.

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