'The Division': Underground DLC Faces Delta Error, Free Patch Update 1.3 Delayed For PS4 Users

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The Division’s new DLC Underground has come out today for Xbox and PC, with PlayStation 4 owners forced to wait until Aug. 2 thanks to pesky and gamer-unfriendly exclusivity deals.

In order to play the new Underground DLC, follow these steps:

  1. If you own the season pass, go to the online store and request a download. The DLC should show up as already purchased or free.

  2. Find the “Secure Quarantine Sector” mission.

  3. Return to HQ and head to the reward vendor, where a new doorway will lead you to “The Terminal,” Underground ’s new social space.

  4. The entrance to the Underground is open, and heading through it will take you to an operations base.

  5. Follow the prompts for your first Underground mission.

  6. Have fun!

The roll-out of The Division Underground was marred by a “Delta error” (now fixed) that prevented players from connecting to the DLC. Presenting, a tale in 3 tweets:

The Division has been beset with technical problems before, everything from wiped characters to missing missions.

As for free patch update 1.3, it’s live on PC and Xbox One today but will be delayed until July 5 for players on PS4. The patch nerfs SMGs, boosts LMGs and shotguns, and allows players to recalibrate weapons. Full patch notes are available here.

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