The Division 2 Title Update 9 Patch Notes: Upgrade Exotic Items To Level 40

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The Division 2's next big update, Title Update 9, went live today. The massive patch brings many gameplay changes along with multiple bug fixes. From now on, exotic items can be upgraded to level 40 and attributes can be re-rolled via the crafting bench.

The update also rebalanced some game items. Imperial Dynasty received a small buff with its cooldown being reduced to 35 seconds from the previous 40. Dodge City Gunslinger is also buffed, with its charge up time reduced by 20 seconds. Diamondback and Sawyer’s Kneepads were reworked and Lady Death doesn’t enhance Turret's skill anymore. Base damage for Bullet King now matches the normal LMG version and Merciless/Ruthless explosion damage is buffed to 1200 percent.

The Division 2 Title Update 9 Patch Notes

You can learn more about all buffs and nerfs below. Click here to read the complete patch notes.

New features

Exotic Reconfiguration
You will now be able to upgrade Exotic items to level 40, as well as re-roll their attributes with the new Reconfiguration system available in the Crafting bench. Find out more in our dedicated article here.

Game Balance

Exotics, Talent, Named items

  • Sawyer’s Kneepads – Reworked
    • Cannot be staggered by explosions.
    • Increase total weapon damage by 3% each second you are not moving. Stacks up to 10x and stacks are lost when moving
    • This exotic only provides defensive attributes and no brand bonus, so now has potential for high damage and makes it appealing to both red and blue builds.
  • Imperial Dynasty - Buff
    • Reduced cooldown to 35s (down from 40)
  • Dodge City Gunslinger
    • Reduced charge up time 30s (from 50s)
  • Diamondback – Reworked
    • Now Grants all shots guaranteed crits for 5s after hitting a mark
  • Merciless/Ruthless – Buff
    • Explosion damage increased to 1200% (up from 900%)
  • Lady Death
    • No longer enhances Turret Skills.
  • Bullet King
    • Base damage is now the same as the non-exotic LMG version.
  • Exotic attribute roll quality
    • All exotics will now roll at the highest possible minimum roll regardless of the difficulty they are obtained in.
      • Exotic items can still roll higher than the minimum but minimum rolls are now higher.
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